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Samsung’s CES 2021 Highlights Aim at ‘A Better Normal’ for Consumers

CES21_Samsung Smart Trainer FEATURED IMAGE
The HealthSmart Trainer, in use via a Samsung 2021 TV

Among the bevy of Samsung 2021 innovations in its product ranges, certain design hallmarks will be manifest, says the company: namely, flexibility, personalization and connectivity – and many of these are anchored in Artificial Intelligence (AI) designed to make technology both “personal and productive,” said the presenter, Sebastian Seung, president of Samsung Research, who hosted the event. The event was loaded with highlights. Among them:

Seung, with the Bot Handy robot assistant

Samsung’s new Bespoke 4-door Flex refrigerator, featuring changeable panels and a new filtered water dispensation system that will auto-fill a pitcher (Spring availability); The Bespoke also comes with a Dual Auto Ice Maker which makes not only regular cubed ice t also smaller ‘ice bites’ to suit different preferences for cold beverages.

The company’s new 110-inch MicroLED display, which uses self-lit inorganic LED technology (March availability); it also features 4Vue (Quad View) allowing four-way viewing on the single screen. Also, more than 160 free channels are available  on the display through Samsung TV Plus.

An interactive “HealthSmart Trainer” personal fitness function (in use in this story’s main image) that will endow all 2021 Samsung TVs; it analyzes posture in real time and provides feedback on exercise form.

The JetBot 90 AI+ robotic vacuum uses object-recognition technology to select the most efficient cleaning path

The JetBot 90 AI+, which offers a fresh twist on robotic vacuums, using a camera combined with object-recognition technology to select the best and most efficient cleaning path via its LiDAR sensors (first-half 2021 availability);

A SmartThings Cooking service that will expand the personalized meal planning function that now exists within Samsung’s Family Hub to other consumers via the company’s SmartThings App.

The Bot Handy mobile robot, shown to give virtual attendees a glimpse of AI’s role in future robotics. It is capable of performing mundane tasks like setting a table and putting away groceries. Additionally, Samsung’s Bot Care robotic assistant will learn the device’s owner’s behavioral patterns, and look after that owner, making reminders about upcoming conference calls and suggestions such as “take a break from your computer screen time.”

The press conference also showcased Samsung’s sustainability efforts, which in future will include using eco-friendly packaging for all TV products starting this year.