Home Appliances Miele Unveils Smart Living Innovations at IFA Berlin 2023

Miele Unveils Smart Living Innovations at IFA Berlin 2023

Miele Press Conference IFA Berlin 2023

Miele recently held a press conference at IFA Berlin 2023, showcasing a range of innovative products focusing on sustainability, smart home technology, and home appliances. The event was hosted by Miele managing partners Dr. Markus Miele and Dr. Reinhard Zinkann, along with Managing Director of Marketing & Sales, Dr. Axel Kniehl.

The event unveiled the Miele Aerium, a device that refreshes, smoothens, and dries various textiles using air, steam, and fragrances without detergent or excess water usage. Addressing the need for quick garment refreshment in an elegant design, the product is an innovative solution for customers looking to increase their sustainability without breaking the bank.

“It’s to be used instead of deep washing or even going to the dry cleaners,” said managing partner Dr. Markus Miele. “It protects your clothes and our environment. And of course, it saves time for our customers.”

Mieli Managing Director of Marketing & Sales, Dr. Axel Knieh

Miele’s commitment to sustainability was evident in the enhancements made to their dishwashers. These improvements include new programs for thorough yet energy-efficient cleaning and the development of crockery baskets to securely hold reusable bottles and straws, promoting eco-friendly practices in everyday life.

“Today, above all, premium is defined not only by exceptional quality, performance, and the prestige associated with it,” said Managing Director of Marketing and Sales, Dr. Axel Kniehl, “but also by more core values such as credibility and consistency. In any case, the challenge is not only to satisfy our customers, but to truly delight them, to surprise them, and offer something that they will not find anywhere else. We’re always stretching beyond the actual product experience.”

Mieli Managing partners Dr. Markus Miele (left) and Dr. Reinhard Zinkann (right) alongside Managing Director of Marketing & Sales, Dr. Axel Kniehl (center).

The integration of artificial intelligence was also a key theme at the conference. The Miele App now includes features such as a Consumption Dashboard with energy-saving tips and the “AI Diagnostics” service tool, which employs AI to send error messages and self-help instructions directly to users’ smartphones, reducing the need for technician visits.

“I’m convinced that AI diagnostics will make technicians unnecessary in the future,” commented Dr. Kniehl. “For our customers, this means saving time, money, and energy which is good for the environment.”

The introduction of Smart Food ID and MealSync further demonstrates Miele’s technological advancements. Smart Food ID uses a camera in the oven to recognize ingredients and suggest appropriate cooking programs, while MealSync coordinates the timing of multiple dish components to be ready simultaneously.

Stay tuned for more news, releases, updates, and press conferences as IFA Berlin 2023 continues September 1-5.