Home Appliances Green Appliances That Make You and the Earth Healthier 

Green Appliances That Make You and the Earth Healthier 

Green appliances are increasingly the norm from CE and appliance manufacturers

Sustainability is increasingly top of mind for many consumers, so companies are starting to up their eco-friendliness and releasing green appliances that are better for the earth in ways that range from energy-saving features, to packaging, to earth-friendly materials. After all, appliances are one of the biggest energy users of the household, ranking just behind air conditioning and water heating. With the right appliance, a homeowner can not only work more effectively in their space but can also feel good about being kind to the environment. 

Samsung Home Appliances 

In 2022, Samsung Electronics announced sustainability initiatives that will accelerate the development of eco-friendly home appliances, including its Bespoke line, which is shown here. The company is first increasing the amount of recycled plastic used in its home appliances, with a goal of increasing from 25,000 tons of recycled plastic in 2021 to 158,000 tons in 2024. In addition, Samsung has developed a new type of polypropylene recycled plastic for its washing machine tubs. Using discarded polypropylene and polyethylene from items such as used lunchboxes and facial mask straps, the company has created a new type of recycled resin that is resistant to external shocks, which creates an efficient yet sustainable product. 

Samsung has its own line of green appliances from the Bespoke Kitchen collection.
Samsung Bespoke Kitchen appliances

Beko 24-inch Front-Load Washer 

Notable for its RecycledTub, the Beko 24-inch Front-Load Washer has a proprietary wash tub made entirely from 60 recycled plastic water bottles. Beko’s washer combines the RecycledTub with a number of advanced performance, wellness, and energy-saving features to create an environmentally-friendly and sustainable product. One particular highlight is AquaTech technology, which harnesses the power of water to replace harsh drum movements; this results in up to 50 percent faster wash times that are also up to 50 percent gentler on fabrics without compromising washing performance. Since they were introduced in Europe in 2017, washers and dryers with the RecycledTub have reused 58 million recycled plastic bottles and reduced CO2 emissions by 2,200 tons.  

Beko created a line of Green Appliances and the RecycledTub is one of them.
Beko RecycledTub

LG Instaview Refrigerator 

We’re all guilty of it, but leaving the refrigerator door open accounts for about seven percent of the kitchen appliance’s energy use. LG is offering a solution with its InstaView Refrigerator. Just knock twice to view the interior contents – without cracking open the door. In addition, LG refrigerators LFXS26596 and LRMVS3006 have been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for their potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

In LG's line of Green Appliances, the InstaView fridge saves 7 percent of energy.
LG InstaView Refrigerator

GE Profile Laundry  

GE Profile recently unveiled its new portfolio of smart laundry machines, including the first-ever washer with Alexa built-in. Along with Microban Antimicrobial tech that helps prevent bacteria growth, the laundry includes Smart Wash Technology, which automatically senses the amount of dirt and grime in the water and adjusts the cycle to clean the exact amount. This helps avoid over- and under-washing and energy waste. Smart Dispense technology also automatically adjusts the amount of detergent dispensed depending on the size of the load and detergent used, which reduces the amount of chemicals that are returned to the environment.  

GE introduced a laundry line of green appliances with the Profile Laundry series.
GE Profile Laundry

Natufia Smart Kitchen Garden 

The smart garden kitchen is one of the green appliances Natufia has released.
Natufia Smart Kitchen Garden

The Smart Kitchen Garden from Natufia is a fully contained cabinet gardening system created for sustainable and healthful in-home cultivation. The fully automated hydroponic unit can be stocked with more than 100 varieties of seed pods, offering constant access to fresh greens, herbs, and vegetables in the kitchen. This not only enhances the homeowner’s health, but also reduces the amount of groceries, which are often imported or have to be shipped long distances, that they need to purchase. The seedpods are grown in a limited, in-home footprint and don’t require pesticides, another contributor to environmental harm.