Home Appliances Samsung Unveils Sixth-Generation Family Hub Refrigerator

Samsung Unveils Sixth-Generation Family Hub Refrigerator

Samsung Family Hub Smart Refrigerator

The refrigerator is one of the most used, yet hardest to organize, appliances in the household. Users of traditional refrigerators often find it difficult to keep track of produce and other perishable items leading to food waste or overstocking. But what if your refrigerator could take inventory and tell you exactly what was in it, then give you recipes using only those ingredients–all without requiring you to open the door? The sixth-generation Family Hub Smart Refrigerator from Samsung, which was unveiled this past week, does just that.   

While earlier generations featured Samsung’s proprietary Bixby voice assistant, the new Family Hub refrigerator is the first to come with Alexa built-in, giving a broader swathe of users access to Amazon’s ubiquitous and comprehensive hands-free voice control capabilities. The Family Hub touch screen panel also includes a new feature that allows you to control all of your Samsung smart appliances and devices, stream music, mirror your TV, and share pictures–all from your fridge. More than just a refrigerator, the Family Hub can act as the centerpiece of an interconnected smart home. 

The unit is also equipped with cameras that allow the user to view inside from any smartphone or laptop, meaning that it’s possible to be in the produce section of the grocery store and see exactly what produce needs to be resupplied. The built-in SmartThings Cooking app gives the user recipes and helps them to create a weekly meal plan and shopping list to match their dietary interests. The Family Hub can also be synced directly to your Instacart or Amazon Dash account to order groceries directly from your fridge. 

The sixth-generation Family Hub from Samsung is available in four different styles, and can be purchased directly from Samsung’s eCommerce platform, or any retailer that carries Samsung products.