Home Business News Visa Partners with PayPal, Venmo on Digital Payment Service 

Visa Partners with PayPal, Venmo on Digital Payment Service 

Visa Partners with PayPal, Venmo on Digital Payment Service 

Visa has joined forces with PayPal and Venmo to create a new service that aims to help people move money between digital payment apps. Called Visa+, the new service will let users transfer money between different apps more quickly and securely. Users will not need an actual Visa card but will instead need to create a personalized payment address linked to their Venmo or PayPal account. Increasing interoperability even further, Visa partners DailyPay, i2c, TabaPay and Western Union will also integrate Visa+ within their platforms. 

In other news, smart eyewear company Innovative Eyewear has launched a new app that will enable a voice interface for ChatGPT on its products. The Lucyd app will let users ask ChatGPT questions through microphones built into the glasses and hear the responses through their stereo speakers. While the app is only available in a Beta version as of now, it can work with most personal audio products currently on the market, including AirPods.  

Lastly, Garmin has unveiled two new GPS cycling computers that boast a wide array of performance-based training metrics. The Edge 540 and 840 feature enhanced navigational support, comprehensive personalized coaching programs and a modern, lightweight design. The new models also have solar charging capabilities, with up to 32-hours of battery life in demanding use or up to 60-hours in battery saver mode. 


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