Home Business News These New Yamaha Headphones Are Perfect for Any Audiophile

These New Yamaha Headphones Are Perfect for Any Audiophile

These New Yamaha Headphones Are Perfect for Any Audiophile
Image: Yamaha

When you think of Yamaha, it’s unlikely that audiophile-level headphones are the first thing to come to mind. However, the new YH-5000SE headphones are here to challenge that narrative. Backed by a six-year development process, the YH-5000SE features orthodynamic drivers, which have been re-designed from the 1970 original to include a thin and ultra-light diaphragm. The headphones also weigh in at just 11.2 ounces, making them one of the lightest high-end headphones. 

In regards to what the company is trying to accomplish, Alex Sadeghian, director of consumer audio for the Yamaha Corporation of America said: “The YH-5000SE is a testament to the creativity, excellence and workmanship that Yamaha stands for. It serves as a reminder of our capabilities in the world of headphones. With this one, we’re going to stir things up since a new legend has been born.” The new YH-5000SE headphones retail for $4,999

In other news out of the audio sector, McIntosh has just released a new upgradeable DAC (digital-to-audio converter): The MDA200 D/A Converter. The MDA200 has a total of seven digital audio inputs and features a DA2 Digital Audio Module that is designed to be replaced when a more advanced audio module is released. The McIntosh MDA200 D/A Converter is available to order at the end of November for $4,000.


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