Home Business News EnergyHub and Emporia Partner to Enhance EV Charging Programs

EnergyHub and Emporia Partner to Enhance EV Charging Programs

EnergyHub and Emporia Partner to Enhance EV Charging Programs
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EnergyHub, a leading DER management software provider, has partnered with Emporia, a pioneer in home energy monitoring solutions. The partnership aims to optimize utility customer hardware options for electric vehicle (EV) managed charging programs, promoting convenience and efficiency for EV owners. EnergyHub’s DER management software, combined with Emporia’s smart home energy monitoring technology, will empower users to make informed decisions about their EV charging needs, minimize costs, and maximize the utilization of renewable energy sources. This collaboration comes at a time of rapid EV market growth and increased adoption.

EnergyHub’s advanced DER management software enables utilities to efficiently manage diverse energy resources, including EV charging infrastructure. By integrating Emporia’s energy monitoring solutions, utility customers gain comprehensive insights into energy consumption patterns and EV charging habits. The collaboration enables users to monitor, manage, and optimize their EV charging schedules, reducing stress on the grid during peak demand periods and aligning charging with renewable energy availability. Through personalized insights and recommendations, customers can effectively manage their energy consumption, improve their charging experience, and contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable energy future.

The partnership between EnergyHub and Emporia represents a significant advancement in EV charging programs. It provides utility customers with greater control and flexibility over their charging options while promoting grid reliability and renewable energy integration. As the world moves towards a sustainable energy future, this collaboration sets the stage for smarter and more efficient energy consumption, benefiting both consumers and the environment.