Home Business News At CES This Week: Heat It, an Insect Bite Healer

At CES This Week: Heat It, an Insect Bite Healer

At CES This Week: Heat It, an Insect Bite Healer

One of the joys of CES is discussing the sort of solutions to problems that one would never expect to find at an electronics show.  

One of those things this year is “heat it,” a product that attaches to a smartphone and relieves itching from insect bites. The website called it “the Ingenious Insect Bite Solution America’s Been Itching For.”  

The product, according to the announcement, “ingeniously connects to your smartphone’s charging port and simply uses heat (hyperthermia) to quickly and efficiently relieve itching and pain when applied to insect bites.”  

The device, which was developed in Germany and previously launched in Europe, weighs just three grams.  

“Unlike other hypothermia-based devices that require the use of batteries, heat it is small enough to attach to your keychain to go wherever you go. Importantly, you won’t waste any money on battery purchases, have to deal with the environmental issue of battery disposal and don’t put any nasty chemicals on your skin.” 

The heat it product is being launched with REI Co-op, and is being launched at CES Booth 60710 in Hall G of the Venetian Expo. Lukas Liedtke, CEO of the company and inventor of the product, will be on hand each day of CES to demonstrate the product.  

“European consumers have come to see that hypothermia-based devices are the most effective way to treat insect bites, and that heat it is clearly the ultimate hypothermia-based insect bite healer,” Liedtke said in the press kit. “We’re confident that North American consumers will love heat its exclusive combination of effectiveness and portability just as much as European consumers do.” 

“As REI, we believe that it’s in the wild, untamed and natural places that we find our best selves, so it’s in our hands to take care of annoying mosquito bites in order to have a lifelong love of the outdoors,” the company’s website says.  

The product has a listed price of $39.95.