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Amazon Acquires Warehouse Robotics Maker Cloostermans

Amazon’s latest acquisition of the year is Cloostermans, a company that makes robotics and machinery designed for warehouse usage. Cloostermans will now be under Amazon Robitics, the company’s robotics division. The two companies were previously working together, starting back in 2019, but the acquisition furthers Amazon’s commitment to investing in robotics. This comes shortly after Amazon acquired iRobot — an acquisition that’s now being reviewed by the FTC. Expect advancements in Amazon’s warehouse automation stemming from this deal in the coming months and years. 

In other news, Kwikset, the residential lock manufacturer, released a news statement touching on the benefits that consumers and their children could gain from having smart locks during the school season. Erik Glassen, Senior Manager, Brand Marketing at Kwikset said, “There are many convincing reasons why a smart lock is the best security option for parents during the school year, or really any time of year. The remote capabilities of smart locks give parents the ability to use their smart phone or tablet to control their lock and track who’s coming or going. Plus, a smart lock can serve as the centerpiece of a complete home security system, connecting devices like locks, lights, and cameras while giving parents greater peace of mind.”

Finally, Google announced several new features for Android devices assisting with sharing capabilities as well as accessibility. The new Nearby Share feature allows for quick and secure sharing of files of not just close-proximity Android phones, but also tablets and Chromebooks. It is also updating the widget for Google Drive, adding a bigger widget and font size for Google Keep and adding new sharing capabilities in Google Meet. 


Amazon Acquires Warehouse Machinery and Robotics Maker Cloostermans

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