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The Panasonic MULTISHAPE A Grooming Gadget That Does It All 

Grooming is a necessary process that everyone does, but owning grooming products can take up space in the bathroom. From your trimmer to your toothbrush to your electric razor, all of these necessary products can become costly to constantly replace as well. For those who get their grooming done professionally, it starts to get costly as you constantly return for the same service. To solve this problem, Panasonic created the MULTISHAPE Modular Personal Care System — the first integrated grooming system that can handle any type of grooming.  

The first feature that caught my attention with the Panasonic MULTISHAPE is its compact size and range of interchangeable tops. This is perfect for those who need to travel but can’t bring their entire range of grooming products. That’s where MULTISHAPE shines, because it has five interchangeable attachments to fit consumers’ needs at that moment. Now consumers can do their grooming routine with one device. Consumers don’t have to constantly change or store multiple grooming tools, making this is a more sustainable solution for grooming. 

Panasonic MultiShape's different attachments
Panasonic MultiShape’s different attachments

The integrated grooming kit comes with two hair trimmers, the beard/hair trimmer and a body trimmer. The beard and hair trimmer head has a dial with 39 length options which makes it easier for consumers that know the length of their hair. It also takes out the guesswork of how to get your hair to the desired length. This head also comes with two combs to help achieve lengths as short as .04 inches. If you want a shorter length, the beard, hair and body trimmer head has a dedicated body attachment that can trim as close as .02 inches. This attachment is meant for more sensitive areas like the underarms and trims the area gently to prevent any harm or irritation.  

For those who enjoy that nice close shave on the first stroke, the three-bladed shaver head attachment will probably be your favorite. Each blade moves on its own and gently follows the contour of the face and neck. This can help decrease the chances of getting cut by the blade or finding a small patch missed by regular blades. Thanks to the special positioning of the blades, the thickest stubble will be cut at the root, leaving users stubble free for up to eight hours. 

Another head attachment is the nose, ear and facial trimmer. This attachment is designed with a double-edged cutting blade, so users can trim nose and ear hair without any pulling. When trimming, there is a vacuum function to suction away any hair residue around the ear or nose. Having the vacuum in the device makes clean-up easier and prevents stray hair pieces from creating a mess. 

The last interchangeable head is not a razor of any kind, it’s an Electric Toothbrush. The toothbrush uses Sonic Vibration Technology to achieve a deep clean and thoroughly clean in between teeth. This comes in handy because people sometimes forget to pack a toothbrush with the rest of their toiletries.  

Panasonic MULTISHAPE's interchangeable heads
Panasonic MULTISHAPE’s interchangeable heads

Another great feature about the MULTISHAPE is that it comes with two batteries, so if one dies you have a backup battery. The Li-ion battery can last up to 90 minutes on one hour of charge and has an anti-slip coating for a firm grip. The backup Ni-MH Battery can last up to 50 minutes on an hour of charge and has a matte coating for a firm grip.    

 All heads and main units for the MULTISHAPE are waterproof and users have the choice to build their custom kit with the desired attachments. If consumers don’t know which attachment to pick, there will be pre-selected kits based on what type of grooming is needed.  

The 3-Blade Shaver, Facial Trimmer, Electric Toothbrush and main unit come with a protective cap to keep them clean. Also for better organization, each head attachment comes with a travel pouch so all pieces can be kept together. This can help save space, and users can keep all pieces in the bag so they aren’t misplaced. 

As grooming preferences evolve, when someone purchases the MULTISHAPE, they can purchase a new attachment to satisfy their grooming needs. Sustainability is one of the goals the MULTISHAPE system wishes to achieve by helping users reduce the number of grooming products that get thrown out. Now with technology, grooming can be a less painful and more eco-friendly process. The Panasonic MULTISHAPE will be available for purchase on PanasonicMultiShape.com in August 2022 and will range from $120-$175 depending on what attachments consumers buy.