Home Gadgets ThinkLite Air Receives RESET Certification for IAQ Monitor

ThinkLite Air Receives RESET Certification for IAQ Monitor

ThinkLite Air Receives RESET Certification for IAQ Monitor
Image: ThinkLite Air

On August 10, 2023,  PRNewswire reported that ThinkLite Air achieved the RESET Certification for its flagship product, the Flair Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitor. According to RESET, the RESET Air Standard is “designed to prioritize ongoing results and long-term occupant health with a focus on the operational phase of the built environment.” Air quality monitors can help consumers understand our environment and make conscious steps to create change. 

This global, prestigious award acknowledges a company’s commitment to providing optimal and precise indoor air quality with industry-leading technology. When a user is researching air quality monitors, they can also research if a product has received the accolade, which can reassure consumers that the product has been evaluated at the highest performance standard. 

The technology required to receive a RESET Certification is unique because it monitors parameters that determine indoor air quality in real-time down to 0.1 microns. Indoor air quality metrics that are monitored include total volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon dioxide (CO2), humidity, temperature, and particle matter (PM2.5). The Flair also measures mold growth index, air pressure, and ozone (O3). Significant measurements of any of these indicators can be harmful to human health.

The Flair has some innovative features of its own to ensure users’ health. In addition to meeting performance standards outlined by RESET, the Flair contains sensor cartridges that can be customized to additional chemicals and gases. Having a comprehensive list of air quality metrics to monitor is of paramount importance. According to ThinkLite Air: “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”

Indoor air quality devices like ThinkLite’s Flair Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can protect consumers from harmful air particles they might not even notice in their homes. Will ThinkLite Air set the bar for indoor air quality control devices by encouraging similar devices to follow its lead in achieving the RESET Certification? If so, could it blow more life into the market?