Home Business News See the Latest Projections for 2022 Back-to-School Spending

See the Latest Projections for 2022 Back-to-School Spending

See the Latest Projections for 2022 Back-to-School Spending

The school year is just around the corner, and whether you are gearing up to send your child to their first day of kindergarten or senior year of college, the chances are high that you will be one of the many consumers flocking to Back-to-School merchandise. According to Consumer Growth Partners, Back-to-School sales are expected to grow by 5.5 percent in 2022. This is a dramatic decrease from the 13.1 percent growth experienced by the sector in 2021; however, it is to be expected considering high gas prices and rising inflation have dampened consumer spending. 

Within the Back-to-School category, electronics are expected to lag significantly behind more traditional school supplies with a decrease in sales of 4 percent. This decrease is likely representative of expectations for a continuation of in-person schooling and a decline in demand for tools that were once essential for remote learning.   

In other news, Nationwide Marketing Group has announced that it is adding Cooksy, the innovative kitchen gadget manufacturer, to its ever-growing family of partner vendors. Cooksy, which can be magnetically mounted near your cooking surface, is designed to be a digital sous chef. The device utilizes thermal sensors and an onboard camera to provide up-to-date insight into your pan’s surface temperature. Speaking on the partnership, John O’Halloran, director of luxury appliances at Nationwide, said in the company’s press release: “Cooksy is the type of product that will give our members something to talk about with their customers.”


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