Home Business News CE Today 9/11/23: News from Roomba, Jackery, and Bonatra

CE Today 9/11/23: News from Roomba, Jackery, and Bonatra

CE Today 9/11/23

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iRobot Unveils Next-Generation Cleaning Robots: Roomba Combo j9+ and Roomba j9+

iRobot Corp. has unveiled its latest innovations in the world of consumer robots, introducing the flagship Roomba Combo® j9+ robot vacuum and mop, along with the Roomba® j9+ robot vacuum. These intelligent robots are designed to address common challenges faced by competing robotic cleaners, promising a seamless and efficient cleaning experience. The Roomba Combo j9+ features the groundbreaking Clean Base® Auto-Fill Dock, which automatically empties debris and refills the robot with liquid for up to 60 days of autonomous cleaning.

iRobot also introduces iRobot OS 7.0, featuring advanced technologies like Dirt Detective and SmartScrub, which enhance the robot’s ability to prioritize and clean the dirtiest areas while providing customizable cleaning experiences. With these new innovations, iRobot aims to redefine cleaning automation and offer consumers a superior way to maintain a clean home. The Roomba Combo j9+ and Roomba j9+ join iRobot’s expanded fleet of robot vacuum and mop models, providing customers with intelligent and reliable cleaning solutions.

Jackery Unveils New Solar Generators: Solar Generator 1000 Plus and 300 Plus

Photo courtesy of Jackery.

Jackery, known for its portable power solutions, continues to lead the way in the solar generator market with its latest offerings: the Solar Generator 1000 Plus and Solar Generator 300 Plus. Building upon their Pro Series, these new additions to the Plus Series are tailored for outdoor enthusiasts, campers, and those facing power outages.

The Solar Generator 1000 Plus delivers a robust 2,000W power output, capable of supporting essential household devices during grid outages and can expand its power capacity up to 5kWh with up to 3 battery packs, allowing for off-grid living for up to three days. On the other hand, the Solar Generator 300 Plus offers a lightweight and compact design, perfect for campers and hikers. Weighing just 5 kg and featuring foldable solar panels, it offers convenience for storage and transportation. Jackery’s commitment to sustainability and innovation is evident in these products, further solidifying its position in the portable power market.

Bonatra Launches Smart Ring X1

Photo courtesy of Bonatra: Smart Rings.

Bonatra has introduced its latest health-monitoring wearable, the Smart Ring X1. This cutting-edge Smart Ring complements the company’s existing suite of IoMT-enabled health devices, including Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM), and is designed to empower individuals to lead longer, healthier lives. The Smart Ring X1 monitors a wide range of health parameters, including heart rate, HRV, SpO2, sleep quality, body temperature, and movement throughout the day. It generates insightful metrics like Sleep Score, Readiness Score, and Movement Index, providing users with actionable insights into their well-being.

Crafted from aerospace-grade Titanium Alloys, the lightweight Smart Ring X1 offers durability and elegance while ensuring comfort during extended wear. With a three-month complimentary Coach Enabled Program, users can connect with certified health coaches and doctors to improve their health based on data collected by the ring. This tech-forward health solution starts at just Rs 9,999 and is available on Amazon, marking Bonatra’s commitment to merging technology and personalized care to enhance users’ overall health and well-being.