Home Business News CE Today 11/1/23: News from Sony, CamerEye, and Psync Labs

CE Today 11/1/23: News from Sony, CamerEye, and Psync Labs

CE Today 11/1/23

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Sony Unveils XAV-AX8500 Car AV Receiver

Photo courtesy of Sony.

Sony Electronics Inc. has unveiled the XAV-AX8500, a cutting-edge addition to its car AV receiver lineup, set to hit Sony authorized dealers in winter 2024. The XAV-AX8500 boasts a host of customizable features for an unparalleled visual and audio experience. It features a 10.1-inch HD screen with an innovative tilt and swivel mechanism, enhancing viewing angles and providing an anti-glare design for safer driving.

Additionally, the unit offers HDMI connectivity, wireless smartphone integration, 3-camera trigger inputs, and compatibility with iDatalink Maestro. Sound enthusiasts will appreciate the built-in DSP, LDAC support, high-voltage pre-out, FLAC file compatibility, and gold-plated preout terminals. Sony also emphasizes its commitment to eco-friendliness in the packaging of the XAV-AX8500. Pricing details are forthcoming, and more information can be found on Sony’s product website.

CamerEye™ AI Smart Pool Alarm System Receives Approval from FSPA

Photo courtesy of CamerEye.

CamerEye™ Artificial Intelligence (AI) Smart Pool Alarm System has received approval from the Florida Swimming Pool Association (FSPA) and is now compliant with the Florida Pool Safety Statute. This milestone signifies a significant advancement in Florida’s pool safety standards, introducing more options for pool owners and builders. CamerEye is the first AI smart pool system to meet UL 2017 and ASTM F2208 Type A, B, and C pool alarm code requirements, surpassing traditional alarms.

The system utilizes AI-camera technology and features both built-in and external sirens to provide round-the-clock video monitoring, human and pet detection in and around the pool, and timely alerts for critical situations, such as distress detection, enhancing pool area safety. FSPA’s commitment to safety and innovation aligns with the ‘layers of protection’ strategy, combining physical barriers with advanced technologies like CamerEye to prevent drownings. The collaboration between CamerEye and FSPA marks a significant step toward offering smarter, safer, and more sustainable pool experiences. CamerEye Edge, the AI system, is now available, with deliveries beginning in November 2023, and FSPA builder members may be eligible for discounts.

Psync Labs Unveils Genie S AI-Powered Smart Home Camera

Psync Labs, Inc. has launched its groundbreaking product, the Psync Camera Genie S, a first-of-its-kind smart home camera empowered by innovative generative AI technology. This camera, compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, is now available for purchase on the official website. The Genie S redefines the concept of a smart camera by going beyond traditional surveillance to capture life’s fleeting moments, whether it’s monitoring elderly loved ones, capturing adorable pet antics, or documenting a toddler’s first steps.

It is the world’s first GPT-enabled indoor camera with advanced AI service, ViewSay™, capable of recognizing and labeling over a thousand types of objects and delivering video content based on its understanding of visual input. The camera offers an immersive user experience with a 2K resolution, 5-megapixel image quality, and enhanced pan-tilt-zoom capabilities. Designed for a lifestyle-compatible experience, it features an ultra-compact design, true 24-hour full-color vision, and easy sharing of exciting moments on social media. The Genie S is available at an attractive price, starting at $34.99 for 32GB storage and $39.99 for 64GB storage, with additional beta AI features offered at $0.99 per month per device at launch.