Home Business News CE Today 11/13/23: News from Sonoro, Roborock, and Govee

CE Today 11/13/23: News from Sonoro, Roborock, and Govee

CE Today 11/13/23

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Sonoro Unveils MAESTRO Quantum Receiver with Dirac Live Room Correction 

Dirac, a Swedish digital audio pioneer, has partnered with sonoro to integrate its Dirac Live Room Correction technology into the new sonoro MAESTRO Quantum receiver. This collaboration aims to provide customers with premium, high-quality sound across various audio genres and formats. The MAESTRO Quantum, featuring an iconic design and extensive features, prioritizes user-friendly accessibility for diverse listening preferences. Dirac Live addresses common acoustic challenges in home audio systems, correcting both magnitude and phase to achieve transparent, balanced sound.

Image courtesy of Sonoro.

Marcell Faller, sonoro founder and CEO, emphasizes the versatility of the MAESTRO Quantum, supporting various streaming services and offering configurable features alongside Dirac’s room correction capabilities. The receiver’s launch version supports Dirac Live Room Correction Limited Bandwidth, with an option to upgrade to Full Bandwidth for comprehensive frequency range correction. The MAESTRO Quantum is positioned as a smart Hi-Fi solution with advanced connectivity options, and Dirac Live is highlighted as a crucial element in delivering pristine audio quality.

Roborock Unveils Dyad Air Wet-Dry Handheld Vacuum

Roborock, a leader in intelligent home robotics, introduces the Dyad Air, its latest handheld vacuum designed to handle both wet and dry messes simultaneously, offering a comprehensive floor cleaning solution. As part of Roborock’s Dyad wet-dry vacuum series, the Dyad Air combines powerful cleaning performance with self-maintenance capabilities. With 17,000Pa of suction power and the ability to clean close to edges and corners, it efficiently tackles various messes across the home in a single pass.

Photo courtesy of Roborock.

The vacuum features DirTect™ Smart Sensors for intelligent adaptability to floor conditions and is supported by the Roborock App, providing real-time alerts and remote control. The Dyad Air’s RevoBrush™ self-cleaning and drying system ensures effortless maintenance, while its extended 50-minute run time caters to both short and long-term cleaning needs. Available in the United States, the Dyad Air is priced at $429.99, with a special launch sale price of $359.99 until November 19.

Govee Unveils the TV Backlight 3 Lite

Govee, a leader in smart lighting and home technology, introduces its latest innovation, the Govee TV Backlight 3 Lite, enhancing the home theater experience with upgraded Envisual™️ color-matching technology. Positioned as an entry model in the TV Backlight series, the 3 Lite version boasts a new chip, improved color-matching capabilities, and upgraded RGBICW light beads for superior visual effects. The gravitational hanging design simplifies installation, catering to ultra-thin TVs, and the product is Matter-compatible, ensuring seamless integration with various smart home platforms.

Image courtesy of Govee.

Notable features include fish-eye correction for enhanced color accuracy, hands-free voice control via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Home, and synchronization with other Govee smart lights through the DreamView mode. Priced at $89.99 for the 55-65 inch version, available on November 13th in the United States, and $109.99 for the larger 75-85 inch version, available on December 18th, 2023. The product will also be available in the UK and DE markets on November 20, 2023.