Home Business News 78 Percent of Office Workers in Manhattan Are Still Hybrid

78 Percent of Office Workers in Manhattan Are Still Hybrid

Study Finds 78 Percent of Workers in New York Are Still Hybrid

According to a recent study from the Partnership for New York City, only 8 percent of Manhattan workers are back in the office full-time. By comparison, the number of workers who are still fully remote is significantly higher at 28 percent. Hybrid working, which is a balance between in-person and remote work, is by far the most popular model currently being employed by businesses. More than 78 percent of workplaces have employed this hybrid model, which is a drastic increase from the meager 6 percent of workplaces that did so prior to the start of the pandemic. 

It’s important to note that these ongoing hybrid work trends are continuing despite corporations wanting to get employees back to the office. In regards to the hybrid work model, Kathryn Wylde, president of the Partnership for New York City said in an interview with Forbes: “The employers have come kicking and screaming to this position. They’re not thrilled. They think being in the office is how people learn.” In a bid to get employees to come back to the office, nearly 45 percent of businesses are offering incentives such as free or discounted meals. However, with the current price of gas clearing $4 per gallon, it’s hard to imagine anyone deciding to commute to the office in return for a free meal. 

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