Home Business News Twitter to Debut Livestream Shopping Featuring Consumer Electronics

Twitter to Debut Livestream Shopping Featuring Consumer Electronics

Twitter debuts livestream shopping with consumer electronics

THE DAILY SCOPE, 11/22/21: Live shopping is huge in China, but it hasn’t actually taken off in the U.S. in terms of sheer numbers just yet, but that isn’t stopping Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and now, Twitter from diving into this next-gen QVC format. The micro-blogging platform announced on its blog today that musician Jason Derulo will host its first livestream shopping event in conjunction with Walmart on November 28th, sandwiched right between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  So far, most of these stateside shoppable livestreams on marquee social platforms have tended to focus on apparel and beauty products, but Twitter says Derulo’s shoppable stream will feature consumer electronics, among other categories. Home Shopping Social Network, here we come!

In more “everything old is new again” news, wired headphones are making a comeback. As both Vogue and  Mashable have reported in the past, but which has more recently spread out to all the other generations via the Wall St. Journal last week, Gen Z bellwether celebrities and influencers such as Bella Hadid, Lily-Rose Depp, and Zoë Kravitz have been posting pictures of themselves wearing old school wired earbuds. Apparently, Airpods and their true wireless earbud ilk are associated with obnoxious tech bros and bubble-dwelling billionaires. And as with, say, cassettes and some other analog categories, wired earbuds tend to be a lot less expensive while delivering a drop-free phone call and music listening experience. With a new set of true wireless earbuds coming out seemingly every week, if not more often, it’ll be interesting to see if any wired headphones will also make a comeback at CES 2022

Lastly, Target CEO Brian Cornell sent a memo out to his employees confirming that its stores will remain closed on Thanksgiving both this year and moving forward. The turn back to being closed on this holiday is among the welcome trends so far this year. For the past decade or so, many big-box stores have tended to be open on Thanksgiving, further eroding the work-life balance in the U.S. Whether it’s because of the Great Resignation or because a lot of shopping is taking place online anyway, retailers from Best Buy and Bed Bath & Beyond to Costco and Walmart have announced that their stores, too, will be closed on Turkey Day, at least this year. That also means independent retailers don’t need to feel the need to compete on this day of family and friend gatherings, which is among the more universally celebrated holidays in the workaholic U.S.. If it weren’t such the right thing to do, it would almost be worth saying thank you. 


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