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Video Games and Consoles a Hit for Livestreaming Sellers

WhatNot CoFounders Logan Head and Grant Lafontaine
WhatNot Co-Founders Logan Head (left) and Grant Lafontaine (right).

In the latest episode of the Dealerscope podcast, we spoke with Grant Lafontaine, the co-founder and CEO of WhatNot. Available as a mobile app (iOS and Android) and website, WhatNot is an online marketplace and livestreaming platform where, according to Lafontaine, “anyone can turn into a QVC-style host or Sotheby’s-style live auctioneer.”

Given the viral and off-the-cuff nature of live video, WhatNot is focused mostly on enthusiast categories such as collectibles, toys, and video games and consoles. While other consumer electronics categories are still further down the pipeline, Lafontaine sees a potential place for enthusiast tech categories such as custom and modified PCs and mechanical keyboards, to name a few.  While most of the sellers on WhatNot are of the individual variety, independent retailers and brands can also create a presence.

Lafontaine spoke to us about how WhatNot works, which product categories are the most popular, and what livestream seller hosting style works best. Click below to find out more about WhatNot and the exciting and growing world of livestream shopping.