Home Business News Amazon Rolls Out Contactless Payment Tech in Panera Stores

Amazon Rolls Out Contactless Payment Tech in Panera Stores

Amazon Rolls Out Contactless Payment Tech in Panera Stores 

Customers at Panera Bread locations in the United States will now be able to pay with a wave of their palm. The fast-casual restaurant chain has teamed up with Amazon to use the technology giant’s palm recognition services that let customers enter, identify, and pay. Customers will also be able to link their MyPanera Loyalty Membership to their Amazon One profile. The contactless payment tech, which was originally created for Amazon’s physical retail stores, will initially be available at two Panera locations in the St. Louis area. 

In other news, Acer has added a new addition to its growing lineup of e-mobility solutions. The Predator Extreme e-scooter boasts a replaceable lithium-ion battery with a peak power of 700-watts and 29 newton-meters of high torque. The e-scooters forward-facing stance design and low center of gravity gives riders more maneuverability and allows for travel through steep hills, narrow trails and downward slopes. For daily commuters, the e-scooters can easily switch between 6 kph, 15 kph and 25 kph speed modes for easy travel. 

Lastly, Jabra has unveiled a new pair of wireless earbuds that are joining the company’s Elite lineup. The Jabra Elite 4 is an affordable pair of wireless earbuds that are built on the strengths of its predecessor, the Jabra Elite 3. Designed for traveling and commuting, the earbuds are comfortable and convenient with an awesome sound. They feature active noise cancellation, Bluetooth Multipoint, four microphone technology and last for 5.5 hours of playtime. 


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