Home Artificial Intelligence Google Opens Access to its ChatGPT Competitor Bard  

Google Opens Access to its ChatGPT Competitor Bard  

Google Opens Access to its ChatGPT Competitor Bard  

Google announced today that it has opened access to its ChatGPT competitor Bard. The artificial intelligence chatbot, which was first unveiled in early February, is powered by a large language model that uses machine algorithms to predict and generate text when given a prompt. The software is run on a “lightweight and optimized version” of LaMDA, the company’s conversation model technology. In a blog post, Google’s vice president of product Sissie Hsiao and vice president of research Eli Collins said that Bard was built with a focus on quality and safety, because the new technology can sometimes give out false or misleading information. 

In other news, Samsung Venture Investment, a sub-organization of Samsung Electronics, has invested $3 billion dollars in Neubility. Neubility, which won an Innovation Award at this year’s CES, is working to create an on-demand delivery service using a fleet of autonomous robots. The South Korean company aims to create robots that will not be confined to any geographic location and can move freely through densely populated areas. Neubility was selected by C-Lab Outside, Samsung’s startup acceleration program, in 2021 and is now working to expand its operations. 

Lastly, ECOVACS is officially bringing its latest robot vacuum to the U.S. market. The DEEBOT T10 OMNI is an all-in-one cleaning assistant powered by artificial intelligence and deep-cleaning solutions. The smart vacuum can calculate home layouts, respond to environmental changes for smooth navigation, and automatically map out the best sweeping and mopping routes. The product costs $1199.99 and is available to purchase on Amazon. 


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