Home Mobility Acer Breaks into the E-Bike Market with AI-Driven Commuter

Acer Breaks into the E-Bike Market with AI-Driven Commuter

Acer Breaks into the E-Bike Market with AI-Driven Commuter

Acer has officially joined the hype of the E-bike market with a single-engine daily commuter powered by artificial intelligence. The Acer ebii uses AI technology that adapts to riding conditions, pedaling power and the user’s preferred level of assistance. In order to increase battery efficiency, the E-bike adjusts battery usage based on a destination’s distance and can run for up to 110 kilometers. It boasts a 250/350 W motor with 48 V CAN bus and 40 Nm torque performance, enabling assisted riding of up to 25 kilometers per hour. 

In other news, Levoit has unveiled a new smart humidifier that aims to promote a healthier lifestyle. The Levoit OasisMist 1000S Smart Ultrasonic Cool Mist is the company’s first tower humidifier and provides an increased mist output of up to 60%. The unit features a large ten-liter capacity that can keep a bedroom at 60 percent humidity for three nights or maintain 60 percent humidity in a living room for 24 hours. It also boasts lower noise levels, higher mist height, clean tank technology and three different mist levels with an average runtime of up to 100 hours. 

Lastly, Google has partnered with cloud streaming technology provider Ubitus to advance the development of cloud streaming in the gaming industry. The new collaboration will see Ubitus use Google Cloud for much of its workload, while Google will make Ubitus’ GameCloud solution available on its marketplace. Ubitus, which works with major game consoles to help developers deliver content, hopes the agreement will help more games be distributed across the world. 


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