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ABLIC Inc. Debuts Automotive Voltage Trackers

ABLIC Inc. Releases New Series of Automotive Voltage Trackers
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On July 3, ABLIC Inc. launched the S-19721 Series of automotive voltage trackers. ABLIC Inc. is a group company of the Japanese multinational corporation MinebeaMitsumi Inc., known for being a major producer of machinery components and electronics devices. This series is in a class of integrated circuits (ICs) with an offset voltage as low as ± 4.5 mV, the lowest offset voltage in the industry. Such a low voltage means more tracking tolerance and improves sensor reading accuracy. In addition, this series can output up to 250mA while simultaneously taking on the high current output by high-performance sensors and power groups of sensors. 

As automotive systems have become more sophisticated and complex, a variety of high-accuracy sensors have become essential. Vehicles that possess the connected, autonomous, shared & services, and electric (CASE) capability need an array of sensors, especially those in the ‘autonomous’ category. 

Voltage trackers essentially balance the voltages between various sensors and the power supply so that the output is equal to the input. If these voltages do not reach equilibrium, sensor accuracy can be negatively affected. This can compromise vehicle safety, environmental performance, and ride quality. The S-19721 Series of voltage trackers prevents these issues from occurring by having several protective functions integrated into its design, such as an overcurrent protection circuit, a thermal shutdown circuit, and a reverse current protection function. 

Another feature of the S-19721 Series is its anomaly notification function that detects anomalies and outputs them to the INT pin as a safety and troubleshooting measure. The user then can select the combination of outputs through the INT pin that suit operating conditions and the application. 

The S-19721 Series offers 36V operation and 250 mA output. Each package can be custom-tailored to customer applications.