Home Business News Nationwide Adds CEDIA Academy to Expansive Learning Hub

Nationwide Adds CEDIA Academy to Expansive Learning Hub

Nationwide Adds CEDIA Academy Platform to Already Expansive Learning Hub
Image Credit: Nationwide

Nationwide’s Home Technology Specialists branch (HTSN) and Azione Unlimited have announced the release of a new exclusive educational platform powered by CEDIA. The educational content, which will be available through the Nationwide Learning Academy platform, will feature the entire spectrum of CEDIA Academy content. This includes access to vendor product training, business support tools and more.  

Regarding the partnership, Mandy Becker, CEDIA Vice President of Education and Training, said in Nationwide’s press release: “We’re excited to work hand in hand with Azione and HTSN to create a more highly valued skilled workforce.” She went on to say, “Their commitment to their members and investment in talent development closely aligns with our mission to connect, empower, and champion home technology professionals.”

In other news, the U.S. Department of Energy is funding a $10.95 million research center headed by the University of Michigan to explore the use of ceramic ion conductors as a replacement for the polymer electrolytes commonly found in EV batteries. Jeff Sakamoto, professor of mechanical engineering at U-M and director of the new center, said in an article by Plant Engineering: “The recent discovery of ceramic ion conductors that simultaneously exhibit unprecedented performance and stability has the potential to change the electrochemical energy storage technology landscape.”


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