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Instagram Begins New QR-Focused Feature That Could Benefit Advertisers

Instagram has a new feature that will surely boost marketing and advertising campaigns: the ability to share posts and content via QR code. This feature includes sharing locations through QR, and since QR codes are typically associated with marketing or branding, it will not be surprising if companies — as well as Instagram itself — are inspired to boost image and video shopping content in this fashion. Part of what makes QR codes such a good marketing tool is that it evokes curiosity in viewers since what’s linked to the code is not visible until it is scanned. That was evident from the resounding success of Coinbase’s QR-based Super Bowl ad earlier this year. So don’t be surprised if you start to see more QR content while browsing Instagram, and be on the lookout for more shopping-related QR features on the social platform as it continues to develop this feature. 

In other news, Amazon is shutting down Amazon Care, the company’s telehealth service, on Dec. 31. The service was first launched in 2019. This comes after several acquisitions and developments in the healthcare space for Amazon in the past months, so the move comes as a surprise to some. Perhaps this move is simply a course correction for Amazon’s further endeavors in the healthcare industry, however, as the company continues to better integrate into the space. 

Finally, in gaming news, Corsair is releasing the Xeneon Flex 45WQHD240 monitor, which has a very interesting selling point: users can physically bend the monitor to be either a curved display or a flat one with the help of a pair of handles. And that doesn’t come at the cost of a low-quality display — which is made by LG Display — as the monitor comes as a 45-in. W-OLED with a refresh rate of 240Hz.


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