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D&H Distributing Expands Partnership with AMD

D&H Distributing partners with AMD
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D&H Distributing, a leading provider of technology solutions in North America, has expanded its partnership with Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), a prominent semiconductor designer and developer. This collaboration enables D&H to offer AMD’s advanced computing and graphics product portfolio, providing retailers, retailers, Value-Added Resellers (VARs), and system integrators with a wide range of high-performance components. D&H’s intensified focus on components, including esports, gaming, and large-scale deployments, has positioned them as a trusted source in these evolving markets. With AMD Ryzen™ and AMD Athlon™ series processors, along with AMD Radeon™ Graphics, D&H delivers powerful solutions for content creation, gaming, videoconferencing, and in-classroom experiences.

Dan Schwab, co-president at D&H Distributing, expressed excitement about the expanded partnership. “We’re thrilled that a pioneer like AMD has decided to enhance their commitment to D&H’s partner base to such an outstanding degree” said Schwab. “AMD has had a solid history of working with D&H as we helped to proliferate their technology through branded, top-tier devices. It’s an honor to now expand that relationship and deliver these gold-standard components individually to system builders, integrators, VARs, and retailers looking to assemble sophisticated solutions with best-in-class processing power. It makes for an exciting start to our new fiscal year.”

Together, D&H and AMD aim to drive the market forward and enable partners to deploy innovative solutions.