Home Business News Nothing Hints at New Release During London Fashion Week

Nothing Hints at New Release During London Fashion Week

Nothing Hints at New Release During London Fashion Week
Image: Nothing

Nothing, the edgily named gadget manufacturer, has just released a sneak peek into its second set of true wireless earbuds via an outside-of-the-box cylindrical charging case. The case, which was revealed at London Fashion Week, looks like a mix between a lipstick tube and a fuel cell from a 1980s Sci-Fi movie. 

In other news, health and wellness technology has blown up over the past decade as many consumers are becoming increasingly interested in leading informed and healthy lifestyles. Since its founding back in 2008 when founder Dr. Jason Wersland came up with the idea of an electric massage gun, Therabody has been at the forefront of the health and wellness gadget craze and has established itself as one of the highest quality manufacturers in the space. 

As a result, consumers have reason to get excited about the new line of products being released by the company, which is expanding the company’s footprint to other sectors of the health and wellness market. Just recently, Therabody announced the release of the SmartGoggles, a face mask that uses heat, vibration, and massage to ease facial tension. The company will also be releasing a product called TheraMind, a sound therapy product that will work in conjunction with the SmartGoggles. 

The company also released updates to its more traditional line of products. The new Theragun PRO is now 20 percent quieter and features a color OLED display. Moreover, the Theragun Mini, which is set to be updated later this season, will be 20 percent smaller and 30 percent lighter than the previous version according to Forbes.


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