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Sony Announces New Video-Centric Camera

Sony has announced a new camera designed mostly with video blogging, or vlogging, in mind. It’s called the ZV-1F and it comes with the equivalent of a 20mm prime lens and a 20-mp BSI CMOS sensor. That said, it can record in 4K but only up to 30fps, while its 1080p recording can reach 120fps. As previously mentioned the ZV-1F is designed with video in mind, and that becomes very evident as it has no support for RAW photo capturing. On top of that, there are a number of other limiting features that could sway many to forking over a few hundred dollars more for a more advanced camera model. It will launch in late October for $499.

In other news, the Home Technology Association (HTA) is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. The HTA is the association responsible for creating the standard of excellence for home technology integration firms back in 2017. In the last five years, the HTA has grown significantly, with hundreds of integrators across the United States and Canada being HTA Certified. “The HTA is serving as the bridge association between the best integrators and architects, interior designers, and contractors, educating them on why it is in their best interests to engage a qualified integrator at the earliest stage in their process and as often as possible,” says Josh Christian, Home Technology Association CEO, in a press release. 

Finally, Bebop Sensors, leader in smart fabric sensor tech, has announced that its RoboSkin Robo-Finger is now available. The finger has 80 nerve-like sensors that are highly sensitive, far beyond what the human finger is capable of detecting. They’re designed to collect data for a number of use cases. The RoboSkin Robo-Finger is available to qualified customers in customized configurations. 


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