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Sharp’s Introduces Virtual Kitchen Showroom

Sharp Virtual Kitchen Showroom,

It’s no surprise with the growth of technology that some things like office jobs, education, retail shopping, have become virtual. As online shopping becomes more popular, retail spaces are starting to welcome the change in the consumer electronics industry. Sharp Home Electronics Company of America has announced the launch of the Sharp Virtual Kitchen Showroom, that’s now available on shop.sharpusa.com and expanding soon to select appliance retailers.

The showroom has 3D renderings of consumer kitchen appliances within a model kitchen that showcases each Sharp product. This virtual showroom is a great way to bring the kitchen to the retailer because they can get a look at different finishes and appliances online. Microwave drawer ovens, over-the-range microwave ovens, wall ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, cooktops, and range hoods are all available for consumers and retailers to find their perfect kitchen model. The virtual showroom will also give consumers the chance to interact with the appliances as if they were seeing a model in person. For example, when the consumer clicks on an appliance they can zoom in for a closer look and open any door on the selected appliance. Now consumers can get a full 3D view of the inside and outside of certain appliances instead of staring at a flat picture. Once the customer is satisfied, they can purchase the appliance online. The virtual showroom also has touchscreen support which means consumers, retailers can interact with the Sharp kitchen appliances on their smartphones or mobile devices. This is very helpful if the consumer wants to show someone else the product they are considering because they don’t need to have their laptop or PC present. They can just pull up their favorite appliances on their phone so getting a second opinion from a designer or installer is easier.

“We rely on retail partnerships to reach consumers with Sharp appliances. Still, it is our responsibility to make the shopping experience more convenient and innovative along the way,” said James Sanduski, President, of SHCA. “Online shoppers deserve a heightened, digital experience that compliments the physical storefront while contributing new and tangible value to the consumer and retailer.”

Retailers have already started to integrate the platform onto their websites to make it easier for their customers who don’t have the time to visit the showroom in person. This new virtual showroom could increase profits since it gives the chance for the consumer to interact with the product and this feature can give consumers a peace of mind when shopping online.