Home Business News Walmart Integrates AR Shopping Features into Mobile App

Walmart Integrates AR Shopping Features into Mobile App

Walmart Integrates AR Shopping Features into Mobile App

Yesterday, after a prolonged period of testing, Walmart announced that it would begin rolling out two new augmented reality features to the company’s mobile app. The first update, which is scheduled to be implemented on iOS in July, will allow customers to see what furniture and home decor items look like in any given space. The “view in your space” AR feature through the company’s mobile eCommerce platform will initially encompass 300 products with plans to expand the feature to back-to-school items as the summer progresses. 

Users will be able to take and save pictures of what the item looks like in any given space in order to help simplify purchasing decisions. The feature also provides haptic feedback vibrations when users try to place the item beyond the bounds of the room. The second AR feature Walmart plans to roll out, which is currently still under development, is designed to be used in-store. It will allow customers and associates to point their phones at store shelves and filter out products based on personal preferences. For example, if customers want to find products based on rollback, they can select the corresponding filter in the mobile app and instantly see the products on the shelf that meet their criteria. 

In other news, KEF, a British audio manufacturer, has announced the release of its new LSX II Wireless HiFi System. This new platform is an update to the iconic LSX II and adds the W2 wireless platform, which is featured in the LS50 Wireless II and LS60 Wireless. The new LSX II also has HDMI and USB-C connectivity allowing users to connect the system to a TV or laptop. The LSX II Wireless HiFi System is currently available in 5 different colors.


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