Home Business News Intel Releases Lowest-Power Arc-A Series Discreet Mobile Graphics Card

Intel Releases Lowest-Power Arc-A Series Discreet Mobile Graphics Card

Intel Releases Arc-A Series Discreet Graphics Card
Source: Intel

After four years in the making, the Arc-A series discreet mobile graphics card from Intel is finally here. The company has just announced the release of the Arc 3, which is the lowest power (but most discreet) version of the Arc-A series. The larger and more powerful Arc-5 and Arc-7 chips are set to hit the market early this summer. One of the main features of the Arc-A series is the XMX matrix engines, which are dedicated processing engines for matrix math equations that heavily utilize machine learning algorithms. This product is ideal for gaming and content creators who utilize platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. 

In other news, 3Red8, a smart infrastructure company, announces the first open-access fiber-optic network in the U.S. The network will span from coast to coast and travel predominantly along with the national interstate highway system. The goal of this open-access fiber-optic network is to connect rural, tribal, and unserved communities with high-quality network access. 3Red8’s partners on the project include Quanta Services, Schneider Electric, Wesco-Anixter, Dentons, EDJX, and Deloitte. Ideally, this open-source network will expand the market for consumer electronics products as people in so-called “digital deserts” have new opportunities to access the infrastructure.

Lastly, C2G, a sub-brand of Legrand, announces the release of its new HDMI Over Cat Extender Box Transmitter to Box Receiver – 4K 60Hz. The device vastly extends the range of the original HDMI source signal, allowing it to power conference calls and lectures at distances of up to 130 feet. “As more HDMI installations focus on incorporating sources with up to 4K quality, it’s imperative that signals can traverse the lengthy distances of these installations,” said Jennifer Crotinger, Product Manager at C2G, in the company’s press release. “Our HDMI over Cat Extender Box Transmitter to Box Receiver – 4K 60Hz has the signal attenuation to cover over 130 feet reliably — without signal loss or degradation.”


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