Home Business News CE Today 10/27/23: News from Eureka, JSAUX, & Hiroia

CE Today 10/27/23: News from Eureka, JSAUX, & Hiroia

CE Today 10/27/23: News from Eureka, JSAUX, & Hiroia

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Eureka Introduces the J20, A Robot Vacuum with Fresh Water Cleaning Solution 

The Eureka J20 robot vacuum. Image courtesy of PRNewswire.

Today, Eureka has unveiled its latest vacuum innovation: the J20, an industry-first, robot vacuum that combines a fresh water cleaning feature with an all-in-one base station. The J20 can tackle a range of messes and stains with its dual-action mopping and vacuum systems. The Eureka J20 be officially showcased offline at CES 2024 and become available on the market in the first half of 2024. 

With the RollRenew mopping system, the Eureka J20 uses five water nozzles beside the cycling belt mop continuously to spray clean water from an integrated dual water tank. The mop continues rolling forward to remove stubborn stains and a scraper under the robot continuously guides the dirty water from the mop into the onboard 250ml wastewater tank, ensuring the J20 always has fresh water. The Eureka J20 also has an impressive 8000pa of suction power, making it able to replicate manual mopping to break down stubborn stains. 

The all-in-one base station eliminates the manual duty and upkeep required for a standard vacuum cleaner and mop by automating it. The station has the combined functionalities of Automatic Mop Washing, Automatic Dust Emptying, Automatic Mop Drying, Automatic Dirty Water Collection, Automatic Clean Water Refilling and Automatic Detergent Adding. It has a 3L dust bag capacity, allowing users to enjoy up to approximately 75 days of operation before needing to replace the bag. The clean and wastewater tanks also each have a capacity of 3L, reducing the need for frequent water changes even in larger homes. 

JSAUX Releases Two New Products for Asus ROG Ally Gaming System 

Gamers rejoice because electronics accessories supplier JSAUX has released two new products for the Asus ROG Ally handheld gaming system: the PC0109 ModCase and the PC0110 RGB Transparent Back Plate

The Basic Set of the ROG Ally ModCase. Image courtesy of JSAUX.

The JSAUX ROG Ally ModCase is a protective case made of eco-friendly PC-ABS and silicone material to prevent the screen from scratching or cracking. The case has a built-in stand that provides 65-degree support and stability.

The ModCase is available in two bundles to enhance the gaming experience, the Basic Set and Power Bank Kit. The Basic Set features the ModCase, a travel cover to protect the screen and device from scratches, and two detachable modules that attach to two magic tape straps of 22.5cm and 34cm. The Power Bank Kit comes with everything included in the Basic Set and an additional 65W power bank. The Basic Set retails for $29.99 and the Power Bank Kit retails for $79.99. 

The RGB Transparent Back Plate. Image courtesy of JSAUX.

JSAUX’s RGB Transparent Back Plate lights up the ROG Ally in five RGB lighting patterns: asynchronous mixed-color breathing, rainbow, single-side mixed-color breathing, synchronous mixed-color breathing, and spectrum cycling. Users also have a set of five lighting slides to choose from and four customizable ones to add a further degree of customization. The RGB Transparent Back Plate has a built-in 170mAh lithium battery that is USB-C chargeable, allowing users to enjoy up to 3 hours of uninterrupted RGB lighting. It is available for $39.99. 

Hiroia and Ninety Plus Collaborate on the Hikaru V60 Smart Brewer 

Image courtesy of Hiroia Official.

Coffee brewing just became more high-tech with the recent collaboration between Hiroia, the tech subsidiary of Hario that specializes in smart coffee equipment, and Ninety Plus, a premium specialty coffee brand. The Hikaru V60 Smart Brewer by Hiroia is an advanced automatic pour-over brewer designed for home use and is the ideal companion to Ninety Plus coffee beans. 

The Hikaru V60 offers users precise control over extraction flow rate, water temperature, and brewing time. The machine employs an algorithm-driven jet stream through its showerhead design consisting of five spouts that can be controlled for a custom brewing experience. The 700ml water tank is BPA-free and ensures precision brewing in conjunction with the built-in STM 32-bit Cortex-M4 microprocessor, electronic scales, and a high-precision NTC temperature sensor. 

Brewing coffee with the Hikaru V60 is easy and intuitive by allowing users to select their serving size and recipe once the pitcher and filter are prepped. The machine comes with nine preset brewing recipes that cover different liquid capacities and roast levels. Users can also create custom coffee profiles on the dedicated app. The Hikaru V60 blends technology with aesthetics through its Atmospheric Dynamic LED that lights up the apparatus around the pitcher as brewing takes place. 

Joseph Brodsky, Founder of Ninety Plus, expressed excitement about the collaboration in a press release, saying, “At Ninety Plus, we have always strived for excellence in every cup of coffee we offer, whether supporting the highest level of competition coffees or the discerning home coffee drinker. The Hikaru system by Hiroia aligns perfectly with our commitment to quality and innovation, ensuring that our coffee enthusiasts can experience the full depth of our flavors effortlessly. We are thrilled to be partnering with Hiroia on this exciting journey as we try to make our coffees more accessible.” 

Hiroia’s President, Aaron Fujiki, also shared his enthusiasm, stating, “The collaboration with Ninety Plus represents a thrilling start to merge cutting-edge technology with one of coffee’s leading tastemakers and brands. Ninety Plus has been the forerunner in pushing the envelope of the quality of specialty coffee with an unparalleled track record of supporting world-champion baristas and brewers. We are excited to help Ninety Plus in this endeavor to reach more customers in their homes and to have them as one of our first partners to redefine the home brewing experience.” 

The Hikaru V60 Smart Brewer is available for pre-order on Kickstarter