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Apple to Switch to USB-C Chargers for Upcoming iPhones

Antalya, TURKEY - June 10, 2022. Apple Iphone 13 Pro and Usb-c or Type-C Wired Charger. EU is forcing all devices to use Usb-c or Type-C

Apple has acknowledged that any new iPhones coming from the company will work with USB-C chargers. This move happened after lawmakers in the European Union voted to ratify to enforce a common charging standard for smartphones sold, starting in 2024. More than a billion people already have devices that use Apple’s Lightning chargers, so this shift will be dramatic in coming years.

Under the new rules created by the European Union, all smartphones, headphones, tablets, cameras, wireless mouses and gaming consoles and keyboards will be required to have a USB Type-C charging port by the end of 2024. All laptops will also need to comply with this rule by the spring of 2026.

The point of this move is to help decrease e-waste and enable people to only need one charger for all devices. EU lawmakers also argue that this move will help cut down on e-waste and ensure people only have to carry a single charger for all their devices. However, Apple is concerned the rules would limit innovation and cause consumers with older devices inconvenience.