Home Business News Expect Major Discounts on Electronics this Holiday Season

Expect Major Discounts on Electronics this Holiday Season

Expect Major Discounts on Electronics this Holiday Season
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Black Friday is just around the corner, but retailers aren’t waiting until then to roll out discounts for holiday shoppers. Major retailers such as Amazon, Target, Best Buy and Walmart have already started rolling out discounts. Excess inventory is playing a large role in this decision, especially for high-turnover items such as consumer electronics, which are constantly being updated. Julie Ramhold, a consumer analyst at DealNews.com, said in an interview with CNBC: “Expect to see 50% to 60% off, and that may jump to 70% off on Black Friday.” 

In other news, we all know someone- likely an older relative- who spent too much time using power tools and heavy machinery without proper hearing protection in their younger days. As a result, they have likely suffered from significant hearing loss. ISOtunes, a manufacturer of hearing protection solutions and headphones, has made it the company’s mission to protect user hearing while allowing wearers to stay tuned into their surroundings with the new Aware Technology. The company also utilizes its SafeMax Hearing Conservation technology to ensure that none of its products exceed the maximum OSHA volume output of 85 decibels. 

Lastly, Sony and Honda have announced that they will begin taking pre-orders for their first jointly produced electric vehicles starting in the first half of 2025. The company, aptly named Sony Honda Mobility Inc., is planning to create a level 3 autonomous driving system and to integrate a unique metaverse-based entertainment system into the cars. The company plans to manufacture the cars at Honda’s facility in North America.


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