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CE Today 9/15/23: News from Bose, CASEiFY at IFA, & Eufy

CE Today 9/15/23

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Bose Unveils QuietComfort Lineup with Immersive Audio and Advanced Features

Photo courtesy of Bose.

Bose has introduced the next generation of its renowned QuietComfort line, comprising the QuietComfort Ultra Headphones, QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds, and QuietComfort Headphones. These new offerings maintain the hallmarks of the QuietComfort brand: world-class noise cancellation, premium audio quality, and exceptional comfort. The QuietComfort Ultra Headphones and Earbuds feature Bose Immersive Audio, which creates a more spacious and layered soundstage for immersive listening.

The Ultra Headphones boast CustomTune audio calibration, while the Ultra Earbuds offer improved far-end call quality. The QuietComfort Headphones, replacing the QuietComfort 45, offer adjustable noise cancellation and multipoint Bluetooth 5.1 capability. All three products are compatible with Bose SimpleSync technology and the Bose Music app for added features and benefits.

The QuietComfort Ultra Headphones and Earbuds will be available in early October for $429 and $299, respectively, while the QuietComfort Headphones launch on September 21 for $349.

CASETiFY Introduces Ultra Bounce Case for iPhone 15 with 10m Drop Protection

Image courtesy of CASEiFY.

CASETiFY, the popular tech accessory brand, has unveiled its new Ultra Bounce Case, designed for the iPhone 15 series and set to launch in the coming weeks. The case offers an impressive 10m (32ft) drop protection and boasts extensive customization options, making it highly recognized within the industry.

It received the “Best of IFA” title from seven media outlets, with reviewers praising its extreme durability. The Ultra Bounce Case aims to provide both protection and stylish design options for consumers. It can withstand single drop heights of up to 10m and meets 10X Military Grade Standard (MIL-STD 810G 516.7).

It will be available for purchase in mid-September, further expanding CASETiFY’s range of customizable tech accessories.

Eufy Launches eufyCam E330 with Cross-Camera Security Tracking

Eufy Security, a brand under Anker Innovations, has introduced the eufyCam E330 (Professional) security camera, featuring the industry’s first cross-camera tracking system. This innovative technology automatically stitches together event videos and person tracking across multiple eufyCam E330 cameras, eliminating blind spots. The camera offers continuous recording via wired plug-and-play installation, and its enhanced Wi-Fi coverage ensures no security blind spots. It’s compatible with HomeBase 3, providing expandable local storage up to 16 TB and using BionicMind AI for facial and body recognition.

Photo courtesy of E330 eufyCam.

The camera boasts 4K resolution, color night vision, two-way communication, a built-in spotlight, and is weatherproof. It’s also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The eufyCam E330 will be available in the US starting September 15, with prices ranging from $129.99 for an add-on camera to $599.99 for a 4-camera bundle with one HomeBase 3 hub.