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Hisense Adds Four New Members to Executive Team

Hisense announces new executives

In its quest to further expansion into the United States, Chinese electronics manufacturer Hisense has just announced its decision to add Rick Calacci, David VanderWaal, Mike Kadish, and Mike Fahey to its U.S. executive team. Last year, Hisense enjoyed a large amount of success in the U.S. market and was the fastest-growing manufacturer among the top five TV brands in the United States. The company enjoyed particular success with large TVs in the 50+ inch category. The decision to add four new members to the executive team is crucial to expanding the company’s North American operations and for developing relationships with customers. 

“Hisense was the fastest-growing among the top five TV brands in North America last year and as we continue to grow, it’s imperative that we have leaders who can help us maintain our mission of putting premium options within people’s reach,” said David Gold, President of Hisense USA in the Company’s press release. “The experience these new executives bring to Hisense is just what we need as we continue to expand our product offerings this year to include even more high performing products that exceed consumer expectations.”

These new executives bring a wealth of consumer electronics industry experience to Hisense. Rick Calacci, the new Vice President of Product Marketing, and David VanderWaal, Vice President of Brand Marketing, both held positions at LG before deciding to make the move to Hisense, which speaks to the brand’s rise in status to become a competitor with LG in the North American market. Mike Kadish who will be Vice President Sales for Consumer Electronics and Mike Fahey who will be Vice President of Supply Chain Management also bring robust industry experience to Hisense with prior experience at brands such as IBM and Samsung.