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Airtame & Sennheiser Partner for Hybrid Conferencing Solutions

Airtame and Sennheiser form a strategic alliance

Airtame, the creator of a hardware-enabled SaaS platform for seamless collaboration, has announced a strategic alliance with Sennheiser, a renowned audio solutions provider. This partnership aims to integrate the Airtame Hybrid Conferencing Solution with Sennheiser’s all-new TeamConnect Bar Solutions, offering end-users scalable, all-in-one conferencing devices to meet modern meeting demands.

Jonas Gyalokay, Airtame Co-Founder, expressed the company’s commitment to providing high-quality and flexible solutions in response to industry trends. “At Airtame we believe that providing high-quality, flexible solutions is essential to keeping up with the evolving trends shaping our industry,” said Gyalokay. “In partnership with Sennheiser, we are able to further develop our commitment to channel partners and end-users with accessible, easily-installed solutions that make an immediate impact by boosting hybrid meeting equity and simplicity.” 

By partnering with Sennheiser, Airtame aims to deliver easily-installed solutions that enhance hybrid meeting equity and simplicity. Airtame’s industry-disrupting conferencing platform, compatible with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and soon Google Meet and Webex, can now be fully integrated with Sennheiser’s suite of TeamConnect Bar Solutions, providing powerful flexibility and enjoyable hybrid meeting experiences for small to mid-sized meeting rooms.

Charlie Jones, Global Alliance & Partnership Manager at Sennheiser, emphasized their focus on offering customers maximum flexibility and avoiding a single ecosystem. “At Sennheiser we focus heavily on providing our customers with the greatest flexibility possible so they’re not boxed into a single ecosystem,” said Jones. “Our partnership with Airtame extends the options we are able to provide. Airtame shares our same philosophy and forward-thinking outlook on the future of the AV industry and together we’re proud to deliver solutions that support realistic hybrid work habits.” 

The partnership with Airtame expands the options available to customers, aligning with their forward-thinking outlook on the future of the AV industry. The newly launched Sennheiser TeamConnect Bar Solutions, equipped with built-in camera, microphones, and speakers, are further enhanced by the compatible Airtame Hybrid Conferencing Solution.