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Walmart Launches New Virtual Fitting Room

This week, Walmart is launching a new virtual fitting room, where customers can take a look at how clothes would likely look on them before deciding to purchase. Of course, this can all be done from the convenience of the consumer’s home. This comes after Walmart’s acquisition of virtual fitting room startup Zeekit last year. Earlier this year Walmart released a feature where shoppers could pick an online model closest to their own body type, but this new release is a much more personalized experience. 270,000 items are now available on Walmart’s website to try on.

In other news, yesterday Optoma introduced a new display: the 5-Series Interactive Flat Panel Display. This is the latest in the company’s line of Creative Touch IFPDs, which are designed for educational and corporate settings. This new release adds new tools and functionality features to enhance remote collaboration and learning, and its available in 65-in., 75-in. and 86-in. sizes. It also features an enhanced whiteboard, a floating toolbar and new annotation tools on top of hardware like anti-glare glass and a fingerprint resistant panel. 

Finally, Matter interconnectivity capabilities are beginning to show up on iOS and Android platforms. A new “Matter Accessories” bar has popped up in the settings for iOS following the launch of the newest operating system, iOS 16. Additionally, Google’s Home Developer Console launched yesterday, which features tools to add Matter devices to the platform. While there isn’t much current use for Matter on these devices, features will surely begin to launch within the coming months.