Home Business News CE Today 11/6/23: Jabra, FaZe, & Dreame Technologies

CE Today 11/6/23: Jabra, FaZe, & Dreame Technologies

CE Today 11/6/23

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Jabra’s Research Reveal Impact of Technology in Hybrid Meetings

Jabra conducted research at the LSE Behavioural Lab, titled ‘Meeting Great Expectations: Behavior, Emotion, and Trust,’ to explore the dynamics of meetings and technology’s impact. The study found that face-to-face collaboration leads to higher engagement (56%), and in hybrid meetings, participants using optimized professional meeting-room headsets and video cameras experienced an 84% increase in remote participant engagement. The debate on office return versus remote work autonomy unfolded from mid-2021 to mid-2023. The research emphasized the importance of trust in remote interactions, with participants reporting increased trust (16%) and clarity (27%) when using professional technology.

Woman on a hybrid meeting at home

While technology played a significant role, cultural differences were observed, with European knowledge workers engaging more in verbal dialogue, while Asian counterparts showed higher attention levels. The study underscores the importance of professional technology and a diverse, behaviorally inclusive approach for effective collaboration in the future of hybrid meetings. Jabra and LSE aim to promote meaningful human interaction in meetings and meeting equity for employee development and satisfaction.

FaZe Clan and SteelSeries Launch Exclusive Gaming Product Line at Best Buy

FaZe Holdings, Inc. (FaZe Clan), a renowned gaming organization, has partnered with SteelSeries, a leading gaming and esports peripherals company, to launch an exclusive line of gaming products. The FaZe Clan x SteelSeries collection, inspired by the FaZe Clan multiverse, showcases the classic FaZe black and red color scheme and features iconic FaZe branding and camouflage on SteelSeries products, including the Arctis Nova 7 headset, Apex 9 Mini keyboard, Aerox 3 Wireless mouse, and QcK XXL mousepad.

FaZe Clan x SteelSeries

These products offer exceptional performance, with the Arctis Nova 7 providing 360° Spatial Audio and advanced AI algorithms for clear communication. The collaboration is an extension of their ongoing partnership and aims to deliver top-tier gaming gear to the esports community, with these exclusive products available at Best Buy retail locations and online. FaZe Clan and SteelSeries continue to inspire the gaming culture and community with this exciting collaboration.

Dreame Technology’s Revolutionary Robotic Flex Arm

Photo courtesy of Dreame Technology.

Dreame Technology has introduced a game-changing innovation in the robot vacuum cleaner industry with its Dreame Robotic Flex Arm. This remarkable device, developed by Dreame Technology, features an advanced bionic arm that enhances the cleaning capabilities of robot vacuum cleaners. The Flex Arm is designed to recognize and clean difficult-to-reach areas such as edges, baseboards, and table legs, addressing a common pain point for users. Powered by the innovative MopExtend™ technology, the bionic arm functions like a human arm, effectively wiping away dirt and stains. Dreame’s R&D team invested heavily in sensor processing and intelligent algorithms, making their robot vacuum cleaners capable of recognizing more than 70 types of obstacles.

The DreameBot L20 Ultra, equipped with this groundbreaking technology, has received widespread acclaim and numerous awards, solidifying its status as a standout product in the robotics industry. Dreame Technology’s innovative approach and bionic arm technology have the potential to revolutionize the robot vacuum cleaner market and overcome challenges faced by the industry, particularly in commercialization and diversifying applications.