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CE Today 8/21/23: News from Soundcore, Oppo, and TCL

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Soundcore Launches Enhanced Space One Over-Ear Headphones

Image courtesy of Soundcore: Space One

Soundcore, Anker Innovations’ premium audio brand, has unveiled its latest innovation, the Space One over-ear headphones. These headphones represent the next step in the Space series, featuring an upgraded noise cancelling system that specifically targets frequencies linked to external voices for an improved listening and calling experience. Boasting a prolonged battery life, remarkable audio quality with LDAC decoding, and a comfortable design, the Space One headphones cater to extended usage while offering personalized sound customization through the soundcore app.

Soundcore’s Space One headphones introduce advanced noise cancelling that effectively suppresses mid and high frequencies, minimizing disruptions from conversations and background noise. Moreover, the adaptive noise cancelling system detects both external and ear cup-entering sounds, achieving an impressive 98% noise reduction. With up to 40 hours of playback with active noise cancellation and 55 hours without, along with the convenience of quick charging for an additional four hours in just five minutes, these headphones deliver extended playtime for daily commuting or travel.

OPPO Unveils Reno10 Series with Enhanced Performance and Connectivity

Image courtesy of Oppo: Reno 10 5G

OPPO’s latest Reno10 series aims to redefine the smartphone experience by offering exceptional smoothness and performance that align with dynamic user lifestyles. Powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 7050 5G mobile platform, the Reno10 5G provides robust computing power and an improved 5G experience while consuming less energy. Complemented by an upgraded Ultra-Conductive Cooling System, users can enjoy resource-intensive applications without compromising comfort or performance.

The innovative Dynamic Computing Engine, developed in collaboration with Google, is a cornerstone of the Reno10 series. This advanced solution optimizes Android memory management, significantly enhancing system fluidity and stability. The engine balances performance and power consumption, ensuring seamless multitasking and extended background app activity. With the inclusion of OPPO’s RAM Expansion technology, users can temporarily convert unused ROM space into additional RAM, enabling smooth multitasking without performance lags.

Seamless connectivity extends beyond the device itself with features like Multi-Screen Connect. This technology seamlessly integrates the smartphone with other devices, facilitating clipboard sharing, notification synchronization, and file transfers. Furthermore, the Reno10 series introduces an Infrared Remote-Control feature, turning the smartphone into a versatile remote for household appliances such as air conditioners and TVs.

TCL to Unveil Cutting-Edge Innovations and Flagship Products

TCL is set to dazzle the tech world with its 2023 Global Product Launch event. Scheduled to take place on August 29th at 14:00 CEST, the event will be broadcast live on YouTube via the official TCL Electronics channel.

Image courtesy of TCL: Global Flagship Product Launch

The much-anticipated event promises to showcase a myriad of exciting developments, including the introduction of their groundbreaking QD-Mini LED technology. Attendees can also look forward to witnessing TCL’s new flagship XL home theater products, innovative smart home appliances, and a sneak peek at their upcoming range of NXTPAPER devices, among other cutting-edge innovations.

During the event, TCL will reflect on its notable achievements throughout 2023, underscoring the company’s continuous commitment to pushing the boundaries of consumer electronics. With a strong focus on enhancing the home entertainment experience, the launch event is expected to mark a significant leap forward for the brand.