Home Business News Will Inflation Impact Holiday Shopping Habits in America?

Will Inflation Impact Holiday Shopping Habits in America?

Will Inflation Impact Holiday Shopping Habits in America?

A survey conducted by Clever Real Estate has found that inflation may have a large impact on how much Americans spend while shopping for the holidays. Out of 1,000 participants, 61% said that they will need to adjust their holiday spending and 39% said they can’t afford to shop. Additionally, nearly 1 in 10 Americans said they plan to skip holiday shopping all together. However, the retail market is not likely to take a big hit – 91% of Americans said they still plan to go ahead with their holiday shopping this year. 

In other news, technology startup Zendo has announced its new wearable device that aims to improve mental wellness. The Zendo meditation headband helps make the meditation experience easier by delivering gentle neurostimulation to areas of the brain associated with expert meditation practice. Interested buyers need to sign up for a waitlist on the company’s website. 

Lastly, Drop and Danish manufacturer EPOS have teamed up to create an affordable headset that doesn’t sacrifice comfortability or quality. The Drop + EPOS H3X headset boasts an amply padded headband, plush velour ear cushions and steel hinges for easy adjustment. It also offers a high-quality boom mic and rotary volume control that is perfect for gaming. The headset costs $79 and is now available for pre-order, with shipping expected to begin later this month. 


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