Home Business News CE Today 12/4/23: News from EarFun, NYXI, and Kichler

CE Today 12/4/23: News from EarFun, NYXI, and Kichler

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EarFun Unveils Free Pro 3 Earbuds

EarFun, an award-winning audio brand, continues its innovative streak with the release of the Free Pro 3, the next-generation leap in its product lineup. Positioned as the world’s first Snapdragon Sound and Hi-Res Audio Hybrid ANC Earbuds, the Free Pro 3 boasts a multitude of cutting-edge features, including Snapdragon Sound Certification, Qualcomm’s QCC3072 SoC, Bluetooth 5.3, aptX Adaptive technology, and EarFun’s proprietary QuietSmart™ 2.0 for active noise cancellation up to 43dB.

Image courtesy of EarFun.

The earbuds offer a generous battery life of up to 33 hours, IPX5 certification, wireless charging, and multipoint connectivity. With dual Snapdragon and Hi-Res certifications, the Free Pro 3 sets a new standard for wireless audio quality and connectivity. The intelligent hybrid active noise-cancellation technology, QuietSmart 2.0, integrates 6 microphones for enhanced noise reduction, while the EarFun Audio app allows users to customize settings. Priced at $79.99, the Free Pro 3 is available in three colors and marks another milestone for EarFun, a brand that has rapidly gained acclaim in the wireless audio industry.

NYXI Wizard: Retro-Tech Joycon for Festive Gaming

NYXI emerges as a gaming sensation in 2023, captivating gamers with its unique fusion of retro design and cutting-edge technology. Renowned for its wireless Gamecube controller for the Nintendo Switch, NYXI Wizard combines nostalgic 90s aesthetics with innovative features such as Hall Effect joystick technology, ensuring precision and durability without the common drift issues. As Christmas approaches, NYXI introduces a festive edition showcasing their best-buy Joycon, offering a perfect gift choice for Nintendo enthusiasts.

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The brand’s commitment to user experience and durability, along with an ergonomic design catering to extended gaming sessions, sets NYXI apart from official Nintendo Switch Joy-Con. As part of their Christmas promotion, NYXI extends warm greetings and offers a 15% discount on controller orders, inviting gamers to immerse themselves in the joy of gaming with the Hyperion Pro. Explore the limited Christmas showcase on their official website to elevate your holiday gaming experience.

Kichler Lighting Unveils Smart Control Transformer 300W

Image courtesy of Kichler.

Kichler Lighting LLC introduces the Smart Control Transformer 300W, a new addition to its smart product lineup, aiming to simplify and enhance landscape lighting control. Compatible with the Kichler Connects™ app, this innovative transformer allows users to schedule and control up to three separate lighting zones directly from their smart devices, providing flexibility and customization. With compatibility with smart timers and other low-voltage landscape lighting, it offers a seamless integration experience.

Kichler’s Director of Landscape, Scott Pesta, emphasizes the convenience of voice-controlled illumination through platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The Smart Control Transformer, with Wi-Fi connectivity and astronomical timing functionality, also features user-friendly elements like angled terminal blocks, manual mode, and heavy-duty construction for outdoor use.

Kichler’s commitment to practical and user-friendly solutions reflects in this latest offering, providing homeowners and contractors with efficient tools for lighting exterior spaces based on their unique needs.