Home Business News CE Today 12/8/23: News from Targus, Playground, and WITHit

CE Today 12/8/23: News from Targus, Playground, and WITHit

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Targus Receives Samsung Sales Excellence Award for Second Consecutive Year

Image courtesy of Targus.

Targus has been honored with a sales excellence award from Samsung Electronics for its outstanding performance in contributing to the growth of Samsung’s B2B Accessories business in 2023. This marks the second consecutive year that Targus has received such recognition. As a Global Tier 1 Samsung Accessory Partner, Targus plays a crucial role in supporting Samsung’s ecosystem by developing and offering a diverse range of tech accessories, including laptop bags, tablet and phone cases, universal docks, USB-Hubs, adapters, screen protectors, headsets, webcams, and wireless mice and keyboards.

Mikel Williams, President & CEO of Targus, expresses gratitude for the award, emphasizing the company’s commitment to fortifying and expanding Samsung’s global PC business. Targus’ solutions are not only showcased in Samsung Solution Centers but also widely featured in Samsung’s Tab Active3 Authorized Accessories Catalog. With a 40-year history of innovation, Targus continues to revolutionize mobile computing accessories for enterprises and consumers globally.

Playground Unveils START24

Image courtesy of Playground.

Playground has introduced a groundbreaking smartphone named START24. Positioned in the mid-low price range, START24 distinguishes itself as an ‘entertainment phone’ with a sizable 6.81-inch screen and vibrant LED lighting. Beyond its communication capabilities, START24 enhances users’ daily lives by incorporating unique features like a digital wallet and the AI chatbot ‘ChatGPT.’ The smartphone also adopts a membership system, offering up to a 30% discount on each new model, catering to price-conscious young consumers.

Additionally, the company embraces innovation with a decentralized app store in the era of Web3.0, providing users with more freedom of choice. The launch of START24 is not merely a product release but a transformative shift in the tech industry’s paradigm, showcasing Playground’s commitment to pioneering approaches in artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and smartphone development.

WITHit Expands Portfolio with Acquisition of Mighty Bright

WITHit, a prominent player in the reading accessory and wearable tech accessory markets, has officially acquired Mighty Bright, a renowned brand specializing in reading lights and accessories. With a history dating back to 1984, Mighty Bright has become a leading maker of reading lights sold in bookstores and various retail outlets. The acquisition further enriches WITHit’s innovative portfolio of affordable technology accessories, expanding its reach in the reading accessory marketplace. Mighty Bright’s array of portable LED book lights, music stand lights, magnifiers, lamps, and craft accessories complement WITHit’s existing product line.

The strategic move strengthens WITHit’s position as the largest wearable tech accessory manufacturer in the U.S., with products available in over 8,500 retail stores. David Nelson, CEO of WITHit, expresses excitement about continuing Mighty Bright’s tradition of success, while Roger Edgar, retiring CEO of Mighty Bright, anticipates the brand’s growth under WITHit’s stewardship. The seamless transition is expected to enhance customer experiences and synergies between the two companies’ product offerings.