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Ataraina IFA Intros Include Flying Air Purifier

Ataraina IFA 2020

Manufacturer Ataraina by Creative Technology Corp. held court at IFA 2020 Special Edition Sept. 5, detailing a roster of unique products that make use of artificial electrostatic technology – including what it says is the world’s first flying air purifier.

Ataraina Flying Air Purifier IFAThe Flying Magic Cleaner, drone-propelled, goes beyond what robotic-type floor vacuums, which can only capture large-size particles, do. The drone is able to capture ultra-fine particles in a room, and its built-in ionizer’s negative charge attracts these particles. The drone is equipped with several optical cameras and distance sensors.

Other products shown included:

  • The Deodorant One – a battery-powered insert that fits in shoes and hats, and that eliminates bacteria and associated perspiration-generated odors from these items. A high-voltage pulse extracts free radicals and oxidizes the bacteria, while disinfecting the shoe or hat. The company says that the disinfection process goes beyond UV disinfection processes, which are only effective on surfaces that are directly exposed to the UV light. Deodorant One, however, the company says, reaches every area of the shoe, including the toe area.
  • The OiSHi personal air purifier – the small, round device can be worn with a lanyard around the neck and is said effective in reducing the effects of pollen on the wearer. It can be used with or without a choice of nine fragrance capsules which diffuse natural aromas, says the company.
  • The ESclip – a pushpin-free way of creating a bulletin board, the ESclip uses static electricity to cause photos, papers, etc., to adhere to it and to allow easy repositioning.

Yoshiyaki Tatsumi, CEO, noted that the Japanese company is now expanding into the European market, adding to its presence in China, Korea, Taiwan, the U.S. and Singapore.

During the presentation, Tatsumi also alluded to potential future applications of his company’s technologies in the textile and health care industries – for example, in automated sewing machines, and in use within biosensor-embedded medical devices that can adhere to the body.