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Inside CES 2022 With Samsung Senior VP of CE James Fishler

https://dealerscope.com/2021/12/samsung-home-applJames Fishler Samsung Senior VP of Consumer Electronics
James Fishler, Senior VP of Consumer Electronics at Samsung

With CES starting so early in the year, we’re excited to see what innovations tech companies are going to share with us. As mentioned in previous articles, we have seen the updates electronics manufacturer Samsung has made to its Frame TV, Micro LED TV, Neo QLED TV, eco remote, and eco packaging. Samsung today also just released a brand new product, the nifty and versatile Freestyle Projector. But don’t take our word for it. We asked James Fishler, Senior Vice President of Consumer Electronics at Samsung, to go into more details about all the new products Samsung has brought to CES 2022.  

Dealerscope: What is the most innovative product that will be displayed at CES? 

James Fishler: We’ve reimagined the user interface on all of our smart TVs to include three distinct categories: Media Screen, which curates your favorite content; Gaming Hub, which brings all your games, including cloud games, into one easily accessed UI; and Ambient Mode, where users can now browse our new NFT Platform. If I had to pick one product that I’m especially excited about, I’d have to go with the Freestyle—because it’s the true embodiment of our mission to offer “screens everywhere, screens for everyone.” It’s a small, portable projector that lets you enjoy cinema-quality entertainment experiences…anytime, anywhere. It’s lightweight (about 1.8 pounds), comes with a 180-degree cradle stand, lets you display it anywhere. But, to me, one of the best things about the Freestyle is that it can do more than just project content—it can also set the mood, wherever you are. Place the lens cap on it, and you can enjoy a light show, starscape, and ambient lighting. And with the Freestyle’s accessories, there are even more choices on the table. With its optional base accessory, you can screw it into a standard light socket and project it on the table below. Meanwhile, it’s compatible with 60W PD external batteries—so you can take it anywhere you go and enjoy the same smart TV experience you’ve come to expect from Samsung. 

Samsung Freestyle TV as explained by James Fishler of Samsung
Samsung Freestyle Projector


D: How has Samsung incorporated sustainability in its new products or packaging?  

J: Last year, we introduced our Eco Remote—and people loved it. It eliminated the need for disposable batteries and was able to maintain its charge even with interior lighting. This year, we’re taking that breakthrough a step further. Our latest Eco Remote is powered by both solar and RF Harvesting—so even when it’s cloudy, your remote can stay fully charged by taking advantage of nearby radio frequency power. And we’re not just innovating our products to be more sustainable—in the spirit of pursuing sustainability every step of the way, we now also use recycled materials for all of our packagings. We have also pledged to fully eliminate single-use plastics from Samsung product packaging by 2025. 


D: Are there any products that are inclusive for people with disabilities? 

J: We want all of our customers to be able to enjoy Samsung’s unmatched entertainment experiences, and we’re continually working to offer products and services that make that possible. In 2022, we’ll introduce some exciting new smart TV features with that mission in mind. For our customers with visual impairments, there’s our new Voice Guide technology which mimics the experience of talking to an actual person to make finding and selecting content easier. We’re also introducing several innovations for those with hearing impairments: Samsung’s Auto-Movement Closed Captions feature for 2022 uses AI to analyze your onscreen content and ensure that closed captions won’t block important images or details on-screen. Then there’s Gesture Interaction, which recognizes your gestures so you can control your TV without relying on text or a remote. Lastly, we’re introducing Avatar Sign Language, which makes TV navigation easier with a user-chosen avatar that translates the menu into sign language.  


D: What is Samsung’s goal with these new products?  

J: Our goal is really simple: It’s about delivering the experiences that matter most for our customers. Our entire portfolio is designed to offer the right product for different consumers’ needs, at the right time. To put it another way: it’s screens everywhere, and screens for all. If you’re a gamer, we offer models that combine new and enhanced hardware and software innovations so you can customize your settings in real-time and personalize your gaming setup and experience. If you’re a movie lover, we offer models that are the pinnacle of picture quality in 8K, 4K, and the broadest selection of screen sizes. If you’re a design enthusiast, we offer technology that’ll pair well with your décor, like the Frame—which is a TV when it’s on, and art when it’s off. There’s also the Serif, which is perfect if you’re someone who likes bold designs that make a statement.  We even offer models that take the entertainment experience outdoors – whether it’s the Terrace in a traditional form or the new Freestyle which you can take anywhere. No matter your need, lifestyle, or passions, we innovate across our tech so you can focus on the experiences. 


D: What features do you think consumers would be most excited about?  

J: We think consumers will be most excited by the level of personalization and customization they can achieve with our products. Take our new user interfaces. Media Screen gives you the chance to curate your entertainment around your preferences. Gaming Hub consolidates all of your consoles, cloud gaming, and gameplay settings in one screen. And Ambient Mode lets you customize what the TV looks like when it’s idle—and even lets you browse, buy, and aggregate NFTs. But as much as your Samsung TV experience is tailored toward you, it can also be enjoyed with your loved ones. Our brand-new Watch Together platform allows you to pick content you want to enjoy with your friends and family (like a football game or the latest episode of your favorite show), play it simultaneously across your devices, and video chat with one another—all at the same time. These are the kind of benefits that truly redefine the role of the TV in the home! 


D: How will your TVs change consumers’ streaming/viewing experience?  

J: We believe the latest features on our 2022 displays could fundamentally shift the relationship people have with their TVs. Our New Home Screen allows you to get a curated, personalized experience no matter what your passion is—whether you see your TV as a vehicle for content, a massive gaming monitor, or as the centerpiece of your home décor. 


D: How many new products should attendees expect to see from Samsung at CES?  

J: At CES, we’ll be more focused on sharing details about the experiences that our new products, platforms, and features provide. Later in Q1, we’ll have more to share about specific models in the lineup. So for now, for those who are comfortable attending in person, I recommend visiting our booth at CES to check out our latest innovations firsthand. And if you can’t join in person, we hope to see you online!  


D: Will there be any exclusive perks for those who attend CES in-person vs. virtually?  

J: We believe that hands-on, in-person experiences at events like First Look 2022 will be much more impactful for understanding the breadth of our innovative lineup for 2022. We encourage everyone to do whatever makes them feel most comfortable—whether that’s attending our CES events in person or streaming Samsung’s keynote from home. 


D: Can you tell us anything else about what Samsung has planned for CES?   

J: We’re also really excited about our latest breakthroughs in audio. The latest version of our Neo Quantum Processor includes revamped features like Object Tracking Sound, which projects sound around the room aligned with the action on-screen; Active Voice Amplifier, which detects the sound of your environment and amplifies dialogue as necessary; and SpaceFit Sound, which detects the arrangement of your environment and optimizes sound accordingly. Plus, when you combine one of our latest Neo QLED displays with our new Q950B Soundbar, you get the world’s first TV-Soundbar combo that is fully compatible with Dolby ATMOS. And with the latest version of our Q-Symphony experience, you’ll enjoy synced audio that takes full advantage of every speaker on both devices. 


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