Home Business News CE Today 9/5/23: IFA News from Eureka, TORRAS, & Timekettle

CE Today 9/5/23: IFA News from Eureka, TORRAS, & Timekettle

CE Today 9/5/23: IFA News from Eureka, TORRAS, & Timekettle

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Eureka Showcases E10S Robotic Vacuum and NEW400 Wet and Dry Vacuum at IFA Berlin 2023 

The Eureka launch of the E10S and NEW400 at IFA Berlin 2023. Image courtesy of PRNewswire.

North American cleaning appliance brand Eureka has unveiled its latest robotic vacuum, the E10S, alongside its NEW400 wet and dry vacuum cleaner, at IFA Berlin 2023. The brand-new innovations by Eureka demonstrate the brand remains committed to optimizing the cleaning experience for all its customers. 

The E10S is the next step up in robot vacuums by ridding itself of dust bags. Equipped with a bagless multi-cyclonic station, the E10S streamlines cleaning by collecting dust and debris in a removable cup. All it takes is the press of a button. Users do not need to spend money stocking up on dust bags nor worry about these dust bags’ impact on the environment once disposed of. Multi-cyclonic technology is not limited to conveniently collecting dust and debris with the E10S robotic vacuum. The station also utilizes the technology to efficiently separate dust and fine particles while maintaining consistent suction and preventing premature filter clogging. The Eureka E10S will launch in Germany in November, retailing around €479.  

The Eureka NEW400 wet and dry vacuum cleaner is a cordless vacuum equipped with a dual-tank system that combines two cleaning tools into one appliance. The NEW400 cleans with fresh water, addressing a common issue with mops spreading dirty water around. The vacuum cleaner also features a powerful 120W motor to mitigate water stains. The NEW400 is available now for $199. 

TORRAS Unveils Range of Phone Cases that Highlight Trends in Mobile Accessories 

The latest TORRAS unveiled at IFA Berlin 2023. Image courtesy of TORRAS.

Mobile accessory brand TORRAS presented several new kickstand smartphone cases at IFA Berlin 2023, highlighting the ways in which electronic accessories can elevate and simplify consumers’ lives. Their cases include: 

  • Round stand case series UPRO Ostand 
  • One-piece stand UPRO Pstand 
  • Lens stand case UPRO Lstand 
  • Frame stand case UPRO Hstand 

These kickstand cases demonstrate the trend of utilizing mobile smartphones to watch videos. With TORRAS’s new cases, users can watch videos with ease in both horizontal and vertical positions and a multi-angle adjustment ranging from 40 degrees to 120 degrees.  

Charley, Marketing Director of TORRAS, stated, “We are honored to make our debut and show our innovative kickstand phone cases at IFA 2023. We believe that phone cases should not be just protective; they should evolve into a more multi-functional tool that brings convenience to users in many ways. We believe these products will bring more fun and convenience to our users, as well as leading the phone case innovation.” 

TORRAS’s new kickstand smartphone cases will be available across multiple platforms from September 13.  

The Innovative W Series and T Series of AI Translator Devices by Timekettle 

Timekettle, a global brand of real-time translator devices, unleashed its latest product offerings at IFA Berlin 2023 that could address language barriers across the world. The W Series and T Series were unveiled at Europe’s largest electronics trade show and utilize advanced technology to provide real-time, high-quality translation.

Highlights included the presentation of Timekettle’s flagship product, the WT2 Edge translator earbuds. The WT2 Edge conducts bi-directional translation of a remarkable 40 languages and 93 accents utilizing AI technology. Users share the wireless earbuds, start speaking with one another and the WT2 instantly translates for both users in just 0.5 seconds. The translator earbuds provide up to three hours of continuous translation without charging and up to 12 hours of battery life with the charging case. The WT2 Edge translator earbuds by Timekettle are available for $299.99. 

Video courtesy of Dealerscope.

Another Timekettle product that was unveiled at IFA Berlin 2023 was the Fluentalk T1 and Fluentalk T1 Mini from the T Series of handheld translator devices. The devices are compact and user-friendly, translating words in one second with the press of a button. Like the WT2 Edge earbuds, the Fluentalk T1 and Fluentalk T1 Mini can support the translation of 40 languages and 93 accents. The handheld translator devices can also translate via photo with an 8MP rear camera on the Fluentalk T1 and a 5MP rear camera on the Fluentalk T1 Mini for instant image translation in 39 languages. The Fluentalk T1 is available for $299.99 and the Fluentalk T1 Mini is available for $149.99. 

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