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Highlights from Nationwide PrimeTime 2023

The Nationwide PrimeTime 2023 event was a vibrant and dynamic gathering that brought together retailers, industry experts, and leaders in the consumer electronics and smart home sectors.

Hosted by Nationwide, a premier buying and marketing organization, the event served as a platform for networking, education, and innovation. Attendees had the opportunity to explore the latest trends, products, and technologies in the connected design space, gaining insights into the future of home automation and IoT-driven solutions.

With a focus on customer obsession and business growth, the event featured distinguished speakers, interactive sessions, and showcases of cutting-edge products. The event aimed to equip participants with the knowledge, resources, and connections needed to thrive in an ever-evolving industry landscape.

General Session

During the event, CEO of Nationwide, Tom Hickman, expressed his delight in welcoming attendees back to Nashville and shared his thoughts on the event’s shift to downtown from the Gaylord. He noted the vibrant energy of the city and its profound connection to music, drawing parallels between the diverse music genres and the varied profiles of attendees. Acknowledging the uniqueness of each member, whether retailers, integrators, operators, or service leaders, he emphasized their collective dedication to their craft and their communities. Just as musicians on Broad Street remain obsessed with their chosen music style, the attendees were praised for their passion in serving their communities with pride. Tom Hickman highlighted the company’s commitment to support these customer obsession efforts, emphasizing the extensive array of over 1,200 programs and partnerships tailored for members’ specific needs. He underlined Nationwide’s pursuit of innovation and competition, seeking to provide the best options while allowing members the flexibility to choose the paths that resonate with them.

In his address, Hickman also described the company’s collaborative approach, aiming to facilitate business enhancement for each member through personalized partnerships and programs. The speech highlighted the organization’s dedication to serving its members’ interests while fostering a diverse and thriving retail community. The focus on music and individuality served as a metaphor for the collective strength of the Nationwide community and its ability to harmonize varied expertise into a symphony of success.

Rooftop Leadership

Lieutenant Colonel Scott Mann, a distinguished speaker, took the stage at the Nationwide PrimeTime General Session and left a profound impact on the audience. Acknowledging the challenges faced in the industry, he drew parallels between his military experiences as a US Army Green Beret and the hurdles confronted by retailers outside of combat. With an intense focus on what he calls “rooftop leadership,” LTC Mann expressed how the value of human connections and communication can be the most powerful tool you have. Mann shared the significance of customer obsession, aligning it with the dedication that Nationwide exhibits towards its members.

A 23-year military veteran with command experience in Special Operations, he captivated attendees by showcasing his ability to build trust and solve complex problems in high-pressure situations. Mann’s accolades as an International Best Selling Author and the founder of organizations supporting troops and allies further established his authority on leadership. With his upcoming feature film and remarkable journey, Lieutenant Colonel Scott Mann delivered a motivational speech that resonated deeply, inspiring attendees to navigate uncertainties and lead with purpose.

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