Home Business News Kokoni Launches New 3D Printing Product at CES  

Kokoni Launches New 3D Printing Product at CES  

Kokoni Launches New 3D Printing Product at CES  

3D printing was the toast of CES … more than a decade ago. At CES in 2012, 3D printing was one of the leading technologies showcased, led by the likes of Makerbot. There was plenty of talk, at the time, that 3D printers would become a staple of most households.  

Eleven years later, 3D printing hasn’t quite turned into the life-changing force in the everyday life of Americans that was predicted at the time, and there’s a fascinating history of the rise and fall of 3D printing at CES here. But there were still plenty of 3D printing products introduced at CES in 2023.  

One of those was the Kokoni Sota, from the Chinese company Kokoni, which has been around since 2021. The Kokoni Sota product promises “the ultimate printing experience, with a combination of speed, precision, and stability currently leading in the industry.”  

Using the “upside-down design,” the product promises maximum printing speed of 600mm/s and acceleration of 21,000mm /s^2.  

“The KOKONI SOTA 3D printer is designed with one thing in mind: to make 3D printing as effortless as possible,” the company said. “The product has a number of features and functionalities that make it easy to use. With no assembly or manual bed leveling needed, users can start printing with the product out-of-box. Users can also print remotely with WiFi connection and mobile App-based modeling tool. Furthermore, this AI-powered 3D modeling software allows users to create printing models with ease, whether it’s hand-drawn or with photos.” 

There were other 3D printing products introduced at CES, including 3D-printed skin supplements from Neutrogena, as well as a new “a high-productivity additive manufacturing platform” from OEM Formlabs. And a group of Canadian auto parts suppliers showed off a concept car that was entirely 3D-printing.