Home Business News Yale Unleashes Matter Compatible Line of Smart Locks

Yale Unleashes Matter Compatible Line of Smart Locks

Yale Unleashes Matter Compatible Line of Smart Locks
Image Credit: Yale

Thought Yale was just a gothic-designed Ivy league institution in Connecticut? Well, think again. Yale is also the name of a technology company, which just announced the release of its new  Assure Smart Lock 2. The device is one of the first smart locks to feature Matter compatibility and it will be available in two keypad models and two touchscreen models. The Matter interoperability spec, which will make it easier to mix and match products from different brands and ecosystems, is set to be released later this fall. As a result, the Matter add-on modules for the Assure Smart Lock 2 will also be released later this Fall. 

In other news, Denon, the Japanese electronics manufacturer, has released a new line of AV receivers and amplifiers headlined by the AVC-A1H. This flagship device is set to retail for a whopping $6,499 and will feature compatibility with IMAX Enhanced and Auro 3D formats. This new line of products is also great for gamers as it will support connectivity with Xbox Series X and PS5 gaming consoles. 

Lastly, Pico has pulled the curtains back on its newest VR headset: The Pico 4. Like chief competitor Meta, Pico is powering their latest device with a Qualcomm XR2 processor. The Pico 4 uses inside-out tracking systems instead of external beacons and features 4K resolution and a 105-degree field of view. The device is set to be released in Asia this fall with Europe to follow. The Pico 4 system actually doesn’t break the bank, retailing for $422.


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