Home Business News Global Tablet Market Gets Off to Strong Start in 2022

Global Tablet Market Gets Off to Strong Start in 2022

Global Tablet Market Gets Off to Strong Start in 2022
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Earlier this week, a new report from the analysis firm Strategy Analytics found that the global tablet market got off to a strong start in 2022 despite high inflation and a battered supply chain. Apple and Samsung, the two largest players in the global tablet industry, account for a whopping 60 percent market share. Between the two, Apple holds a larger share with roughly 39 percent of the market while Samsung has captured 20 percent. In the first quarter of 2022, shipments of the Apple iPad actually grew by 1 percent when compared to the 2021 holiday season. 

Apple and Samsung combined for 24 million tablet shipments over the first quarter of 2022. Eric Smith, director of Connected Computing with Strategy Analytics, said: “This has all been about vendors managing the twin challenges of persistent demand and supply constraints. Samsung, Amazon, and Microsoft pulled off great quarters given all the macro-level challenges with fresh portfolios and strong distribution strategies.” However, the report predicts that this initial success may be hard for the industry to sustain as COVID-19 restrictions in China and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine create additional logistic issues.   

In other news, speaker manufacturer Marshall has announced the release of two new Bluetooth compatible products: the Emberton II and the Willen. The Emberton II offers 30 additional hours of run-time when compared to the original and has a compatible app for EQ customization and firmware updates. The Willen is the company’s first ultra-compact Bluetooth speaker and is designed for users who are constantly on the go. Both new devices are currently available for pre-order on the Marshall website.

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