Home Business News CE Today 10/6/23: News from CASEiFY, REIDEA, and Displace

CE Today 10/6/23: News from CASEiFY, REIDEA, and Displace

CE Today 10/6/23

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CASETiFY and Nothing Collaborate on Exclusive Smartphone Cases and Innovative Earbud Bundle

CASETiFY has unveiled an exciting collaboration with Nothing, the London-based tech company focused on injecting fun into technology. Together, they’ve introduced an exclusive collection of smartphone cases designed to perfectly fit the iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 series, as well as offerings for Samsung and Google devices, with prices ranging from $68 to $98 USD.

Photo courtesy of CASEiFY.

Notably, the collaboration introduces the innovative Nothing Mini Pouch with Ear (2), a unique carrier for Nothing’s Ear (2) earbuds, bundled at $172 USD. Founded in 2020, Nothing has gained acclaim for its cutting-edge design and sustainable approach, with their debut smartphone Phone (1) earning spots in Time Magazine’s “Best Inventions of 2022” and receiving the Red Dot Design Award in 2023. The brand’s commitment to sustainability is exemplified in their latest release, Phone (2), which has garnered widespread praise for its reduced carbon footprint.

REIDEA Introduces the ES1 Smart Candle Warmer Lamp: A Modern, Safe, and Fragrant Innovation

Photo courtesy of REIDEA.

REIDEA has unveiled their latest innovation: the REIDEA ES1 Smart Candle Warmer Lamp.

This cutting-edge product revolutionizes the way we enjoy scented jar candles, offering a safe and modern alternative to open flames. With app-controlled features such as adjustable brightness and timers, the ES1 promises to redefine the candle fragrance experience. It caters to both design-conscious individuals and those seeking a safer and more efficient way to enjoy candles.

By gently warming the jar candle from above, it releases fragrance without the need for flames. The intuitive esLife app, available for iOS and Android, allows users to effortlessly customize settings, set timers, and create personalized atmospheres. The REIDEA ES1 also enhances safety by eliminating fire hazards, making it ideal for homes with children or pets. Additionally, it’s eco-friendly, extending the life of jar candles and reducing waste.

The REIDEA ES1 Smart Candle Warmer Lamp is now available for purchase, accompanied by a one-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind for consumers looking to elevate their home fragrance experience.

Displace Unveils Innovative Safety Features for Wall-Mounted Wireless TVs

Displace, a pioneer in the TV industry, has introduced innovative safety features for its wireless TV, making it the safest wall-mounted option available. These features include advanced wall-sensing algorithms, quick adhesives for stability, and a self-lowering landing gear system. Displace TVs are easy to install without drilling or nailing and come with modern tech features like gesture controls and facial recognition.

The safety enhancements address concerns about battery life, wall damage prevention, and protection in unforeseen situations. Sensors monitor the TV’s status, and if issues arise, it deploys adhesives for stability, lowers itself gently, and activates alarms to keep pets away, all without traditional mounting. Reservations for Displace TV are open, with shipping expected in mid-Q2 2024.